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Sierra Encore Duet Implementation Plan

Broward College's next generation library services platform

Test Process - 2018 Rollout

FALSC Test Plan

Everyone with Sierra Encore/Duet training is requested to do as much testing as possible between October 9, 2017 and October 20, 2017.

Test Plan:

We encourage people to work in pairs doing testing. It helps with learning, figuring out new processes, and confirming that an issue really is an issue.

Examples of kinds of problems to look for:

  • Data that did not migrate correctly
  • Permissions that do not let you accomplish your normal work
  • Workflow documentation that differs from the actual process implementation in Sierra
  • Missing data 
  • Steps in workflow that do not work

A Discovery Frequently Asked Questions page has been posted on the wiki under the Discovery Working Group and the Discovery Discussion Group documents areas:

Reporting Issues

Members of Working Groups should report bugs and issues through the WG Google doc. If you work with a WG member and can get them to confirm your issue, please report that through the WG Google doc as well.

Members of library staff who are not on a Working Group can report issues through a Working Group member. 

OFFICE HOURS - Chrissy Cogar @ FALSC - Tuesdays 2-3

If you find something that you think will be of interest to everyone, you can report it via email to Nelly and Rich. (; We have a Trello board at and we will post local issues and questions there too.

Data loads

Here are extract dates for each record type, so you’re not looking for records that were created after the extract:

Use of Create Lists

Create LIsts is a great tool to help isolate records. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for its use, Best practices and retention policies for Sierra Review Files, Saved Searches/Sorts/Lists/Exports, and Web Management Reports (at ) created by the Systems Working Group.

Test Proxy Server

A test proxy server at should be used in place of  Broward patrons should log in via the  "Sign-in with your campus SSO" left side. FAU patrons seeking access to electronic resources will log in through the right side, "Sign in with your library account".

The IP address of the test proxy server is not registered with our vendors, so when you get to the resource you will still get a password challenge. If you make it there without putting in your own password then SSO is working.


Worldbook test url:


FAU eResource Users for Testing

  • ID: 000012345 pw: 0101
  • ID: 000012346 pw: 0101
  • patron type 53, FAU electronic resource access


Testing Responsibilities

Here are UCL test teams for Oct 9 - Oct 20 testing. The name in bold will be the reporter to file issue reports with the Working Groups.

ERM functions

  • Rich
  • Silviana

Circulation / Resource Sharing

  • Suzette
  • Leon
  • Nancy
  • Grushy
  • Maria
  • Brian

Joint Use

  • Michelle
  • Judi


  • Jan
  • Silvia
  • Lynette


  • Silvia
  • Jan

Discovery Interface

  • Suzette
  • Judi

Cataloging / Authorities

  • Silviana
  • Silvia
  • Jan
  • Lynette