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Broward College Libraries Directory

Administration Department

Libraries Administration
Name Email Phone Title
Dr. Monique Blake 954-201-4555 Interim Dean, Libraries and Academic Success Centers
Craig Amos 954-201-6307 Associate Dean, Library Access and Discovery
954-201-6428 Associate Dean, Public Services
Nelly Polanco 954-201-6124 Executive Assistant
Gayla Jauch 954-201-6480 Executive Assistant

Archives and Special Collections Department

University/College Library Archives and Special Collections
Name Email Phone Title
Andrew Dutka 954-201-6577 Archives and Special Collections Librarian
Lisa Amato 954-201-4551 Senior Library Assistant

Circulation Department

University/College Library Circulation
Name Email Phone Title
Nancy Calderon 954-201-6481 Library Services Supervisor-Circulation
Leon Williams 954-201-4817 Senior Library Assistant
Karen Tittle 954-201-4816 Senior Library Assistant
Zulay Montesino 954-201-4814 Senior Library Assistant

Collection Development Department

University/College Library Collection Development Department
Name Email Phone Title
Michelle Apps 954-201-6330 Collection Development Librarian

InterLibrary Loan Department

University/College Library InterLibrary Loan Department
Name Email Phone Title
Grushenska Elusta 954-201-6658 Interlibrary Loan Lead Specialist

Reference Department

University/College Library Reference Department
Name Email Phone Title
Elena Lazovskaia-Hall 954-201-6651 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Daniel Tan 954-201-6488 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Judi Tidwell 954-201-6489 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Majid Anwar 954-201-4948 Reference-Instruction Librarian (Part Time )
Kristin Kroger 954-201-6484 Reference-Instruction/Outreach Librarian
Torri Kellough 954-201-6482 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Jason Anfinsen 954-201-6485 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Tiffany Walker 954-201-6895 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Brian Mena 954-201-4948 Library Services Supervisor-Reference

Technical Services Department

Libraries Technical Services
Name Email Phone Title
Hebah Wasilewski 954-201-6655 Senior Library Assistant
Lynette Vargas 954-201-6654 Electronic Resources Coordinator
Silvia Perez Barraza 954-201-4837 Cataloging and Metadata Coordinator
Maria Nolazco 954-201-6465 Library Specialist
Ashley Rivas 954-201-6313 Senior Specialist

Web Services Department

Libraries Web Services
Name Email Phone Title
Keren Brunache 954-201-4941 Web Specialist

North Campus Staff Directory

North Campus Library
Name Email Phone Title
Victor Lawrence 954-201-2601 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Cristy Moran 954-201-2601 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Andrea Du Chaussee 954-201-2601 Part Time Library Assistant

Online Campus Staff Directory

Online Campus Library
Name Email Phone Title
Simone Willams 954-201-7918 Virtual Librarian

South Campus Staff Directory

South Campus Library
Name Email Phone Tiltle
Lori Albrizio 954-201-8284 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Chris Casper 954-201-8827 Reference-Instruction Librarian
Rachel Whitney 954-201-8896 Part Time Library Assistant