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Information Literacy

Request An Information Literacy Session

Faculty Librarians are available to assist you in person or virtually.

Request an Information Literacy Session

Our Library Instruction Room, located on the first floor of the University College Library, is intended to provide Faculty Librarians with a teaching space to offer students, faculty, and staff a hands-on experience on the use of library resources and services, information literacy, and research strategies. To ensure users are informed of the proper use of the instruction space, the library's Information Literacy Program and Room Use Policy is available below.

Types of Library Instruction Sessions

Each hands-on library instruction session is facilitated by a Faculty Librarian and is designed to engage students in learning research strategies, identifying and locating sources of information, and evaluating and citing sources.

Librarians can provide:

  • Library Orientation 50 mins (library services, accessing resources, research help, basics of database searching)  

  • Research & Evaluation 60 mins (hands-on research practice, subject specific databases, search strategies, source selection, and evaluation)  

  • Citation Style Overview 60 mins (review and hands-on practice with MLA, APA, or Chicago)  

  • Multiple/Scaffold Sessions 60 mins X 3 (library orientation, research/evaluation, citation style overview)  

  • Other, specify session type and time