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Information Literacy

Blogs in Scholarly Conversation Activity

In this lesson, students will be asked to evaluate blogs/ blog entries relating to course content and selected by you in advance.

Evaluating Internet Sources Activity

This is an assignment created for the QEP program in Spring '17 semester. In this lesson, students will have to defend whether a source is a good or 

Scholarly/ Non-Scholarly Activity

Students are asked to read and analyze scholarly and non-scholarly works to determine (1) if a source is credible and (2) if the source meets their research need. 

Strategic Searching with Google Activity

Students will experience strategic inquiry through a tool with which they are already familiar and adept at using. A brief interactive lecture will introduce students to Advanced Search and to Google Scholar. 

Think-Pair-Share Peer Response

This is an activity that faculty librarians, Lori Albrizio and Simone Williams facilitated during Spring '16 semester in a blended ENC1102 course as a part of the QEP program.