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Sierra Encore Duet Implementation Plan

Broward College's next generation library services platform

User interface

Encore Duet user interface (search box)

Design distributed to librarians 3/17/17. Presented to librarians at March 30 Faculty Librarian meeting. Sent to Cherie at FALSC along with Spanish translation on 6/12/17. A test implementation of the banner is at

Search results

  • Optional link to WorldCat
  • Facet sorting - alphabetical vs # of hits (can list journals in alpha order and others by hit count for instance) 
  • Citation export (RefWorks integration, if we subscribe) 
  • Request (ILL integration) 
  • Individual items can be promoted to be higher in search results from Encore admin - promote faculty listings etc.

Record detail page

  • Three customizable div elements: above Item Summary, bottom of the page, and bottom of right sidebar
  • Permalink of record (check it is available in expanded record display) 
  • Location Codes are used for mapping links.  
  • Tagging is allowed for all PTYPES in all institutions. If anyone would like tagging turned off for your institution or for certain PTYPES , please have your ILS Coordinator let Cherie know. FALSC can turn it off by PTYPE, by institution. 

Administration via Innovative

  • Add Google Analytics 
  • Add WorldCat to Other Services
  • Suppress selected scopes (Online) from Collection facet 


Encore duet college sites

Chipola: (has guest access)

North Florida: (has guest access)

Florida Gateway: (has guest access)

South Florida State college: (has guest access)

Florida Keys: (no guest access)

University of Florida:

St. Johns River State College:


Miami Dade College:

New College:


System configuration

Patron types

Material types - define icon and label for items displayed in catalog

Location code label definitions


Scoping rules

EDS (Mega Index) can be configured to display full text or to include indexes pushing out to Encore. Colleges have been suppressing index data for years in SFX model.


Sample Sites

Live Encore Duet sites we are aware of are listed below. I don’t know if the sites below are hosted at Innovative or on the institutions’ local servers. All of FALSC’s Encore Duet sites are hosted at Innovative. Some of the sites below link to products from other vendors, such as journals A-Z from Serials Solutions instead of EBSCO’s publication finder, Libguides for Databases A-Z (may not have acquired the Sierra ERM), etc. Watch URLs as you investigate.

Lipscomb University -

Indiana Wesleyan University -

Santa Clara University -

University of Memphis -

Langara College -

Rider University -

Duquesne University -

Bentley University -


  • For resource, search for JSTOR (choose Resource); look at detailed record; also click on See detailed holdings
  • For e-journal, search for BioScience (in detailed record, Available Online shows coverage)
  • Can click on Electronic Resources to see their database & journal A-Z lists: