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Sierra Encore Duet Implementation Plan

Broward College's next generation library services platform

Communications Plan Deliverables

Why communication plan? 

  • New branding opportunity for library search
  • New user interface for discovering library resources
  • New behaviors: integrated EDS and Sierra results
  • All links to library catalog in libguidessyllabi, faculty web pages may need to be changed
  • Database links - tbd [hra 2/22/18: proxied links will change. Databases, articles, streaming media, etc ]
  • Opportunity to highlight resources

Develop collateral for consistent branding online and in print

  • Large posters and small flyers throughout the library (can tie in with the Coming soon! video. after spring break)
  • Screensavers on the public computers throughout the library and the Academic Success Centers (after spring break)
  • A low cost promotional item, possibly from the vendor (pens, sanitizer, etc.)
  • Slides for U/CL and FAU Student Union/LA Building flat screens (after spring break)
  • Dr. DeSanctis' Friday Fun Fact

Items to highlight during communication of new library system

  • User Interface changes
  • Possible changes to content in course syllabus 
  • Update any bookmarked landing pages or permalinks to item records
  • Update links in D2L shell for catalog

**First phase of announcements/soft rollout: late March 2018 (after spring break)

When and where?

Informing faculty (Timeline)

  • Update at the April college wide faculty meeting and last Faculty Senate meeting (April 2018)
  • Announcements via D2L and from the Campus Presidents' Offices (late April 2018)
  • Announcements from faculty librarians at the Pathway meetings (late April 2018)
  • Agenda item at the next GPAC meeting to coordinate efforts with FAU Boca Campus (April 2018)
  • Presentation at the BC Welcome Back Event and table display for faculty in the Marketplace (August 2018)
  • Hold faculty workshops in Room 104 to review Sierra changes and fix broken links (August 17, 2018 - Friday before fall term begins)

Informing students (Timeline)

  • Invite BC and FAU students to be involved in testing so they can provide feedback - will start with a Tech Assistant and an Honors College student (November 2017)
  • Start thinking about verbiage that will be used on FAU access cards (November 2017)
  • Library website and BC Libraries landing page (under Student Resources)(April 2018)
  • Coming soon! mini video clip (2 minutes) on flat screen (in the spring term after spring break)
  • Social media updates (periodically beginning early April 2018)
  • Announcement on the Broward College blog (late April and again in fall 2018)
  • Announcement via D2L (late April 2018)
  • Student email blast (August 2018)
  • Announcement in The Observer (August/September issue 2018)
    • Contact person: Jennifer Shapiro, (South Campus Building 68,Room 267 Phone: X8672. email:
  • Student Life events (August/September 2018)
  • 10 minute one shot demo hosted by the Outreach Committee (pick one day and dedicate it to promoting the catalog the first week of classes)  in the fall term