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The primary purpose of the BC Writing Center is to provide a friendly, helpful atmosphere in which students can review their writing skills and receive help with composition skills and research techniques.

“All Broward College students are welcome to drop by the Writing Center. Broward College students can have their composition, essay, research, and technical writing reviewed for FREE by the writing center tutors. Please contact the writing center to set up a 30 minute, one-on-one tutoring session.”
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eBooks on College Writing

From Topic to Thesis : A Guide to Theological Research

From Topic to Thesis: A Guide to Theological Research offers a third option. This affordable and accessible tool walks students through the process, focusing on five steps: finding direction, gathering sources, understanding issues, entering discussion and establishing a position. Its goal is to take students directly from a research assignment to a research argument--in other words, from topic to thesis.

Academic Writing

Each of the fourteen chapters explores different aspects of academic writing from practical, professional and theoretical perspectives. The book is written for students, teachers and educators at tertiary organisations. Word connoisseurs, debaters, writers and readers may also enjoy its argumentations and analyses.

How Novels Work

Never has contemporary fiction been more widely discussed and passionately analysed; recent years have seen a huge growth in the number of reading groups and in the interest of a non-academic readership in the discussion of how novels work. Drawing on his weekly Guardian column, 'Elements of Fiction', John Mullan examines novels mostly of the last ten years, many of which have become firm favourites with reading groups. He reveals the rich resources of novelistictechnique, setting recent fiction alongside classics of the past.

Sin Boldly! : Dr. Dave's Guide To Writing The College Paper

Cheeky, original, and decidedly practical to boot, Sin Boldly! is unlike any other writing handbook available. Jammed with sage advice, genuine encouragement, and surprising examples (of how to write and how not to write), this book gives beginning writers and confident students alike an easy-to-follow roadmap for improving one of the most important skills for success.

The Academic Writer's Toolkit : A User's Manual

Berger's slim, user-friendly volume on academic writing is a gift to linguistically-stressed academics. Author of 60 published books, the author speaks to junior scholars and graduate students about the process and products of academic writing. He differentiates between business writing skills for memos, proposals, and reports, and the scholarly writing that occurs in journals and books.

The Good Paper : A Handbook for Writing Papers in Higher Education

The good paper is a handbook for writing research papers, BA and other projects, theses, essays etc. in Danish higher education. The book is written for students who must independently formulate a research question and search for literature for their research papers: bachelor theses, research papers, projects at all levels of project oriented education, master and diploma theses.--p. 4 of covers.

Whole Novels for the Whole Class : A Student-Centered Approach

Rather than using novels simply to teach basic literacy skills and comprehension strategies, Whole Novels approaches literature as art. The book is fully aligned with the Common Core ELA Standards and offers tips for implementing whole novels in various contexts, including suggestions for teachers interested in trying out small steps in their classrooms first. Includes a powerful method for teaching literature, writing, and critical thinking to middle school students Shows how to use the Whole Novels approach in conjunction with other programs Includes video clips of the author using the techniques in her own classroom.