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ENC 1101 - Prof. Marilyn Daniels

Prof. Daniels | ENC 1101

Prof. Daniels ENC1101

Argumentative Research Paper

Purpose: Prove a viewpoint. The argument essay is a way to express an opinion using calculated evidence, clear details, and thorough research using books and articles.  The key to an argument is anticipating the opposing view and providing support that will refute their counter-arguments and strengthen your thesis. 

Topics to Choose From

  • The media unfairly hound celebrities accused of crimes.
  • The United States government should reinstitute the draft for all men and women eighteen years and older.
  • Reality TV should really be called unreality TV.
  • The sale of tobacco should be made illegal.
  • Among the groups most unfairly discriminated against are over- weight people.
  • If we require people to pass a driving test before licensing them to operate a car, we should require people to pass parenting test before allowing them to have children.
  • Marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes. Legal for recreation. 
  • As an exercise, swimming far exceeds running as a means to health and fitness.
  • The pollution of the world's oceans is a major threat to humanity.
  • Random drug tests of high school students are a violation of human rights.

Consider probing questions: What are the problems that are faced? How are the problems overcome? What are the motives of the sides involved? What is the purpose of the action being argued? What are the effects and who are the affected? Who is responsible? What groups or individuals are affected? Who benefits?

  • Remember to verify your sources, make certain they can pass the CRAAP test -  can you identify the Currency, Relevancy, Accuracy, Authority and Purpose of your resource? If not, consider finding a more reliable/authoritative source.

Make a claim, one that is disputed, in doubt or controversial. Do not state a fact. Provide evidence to support your claim using credible (library) resources. Synthesize your ideas, going beyond summary and fact, creating a new idea or argument for the topic you chose. 

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