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PSY 2012 Podcast - Prof. Franco

Instructional resources for the PSY2012 courses taught by Nathalie Franco. These courses will create a 5-7 min podcasts over 7 weeks by working in groups of 3-4 students.

Congrats! You've completed your podcast project. Using the instructions below, upload your podcast to SoundCloud or Anchor FM. Submit the url links for your podcasts to D2L so that we can listen to and grade your final project. You will also find a copy of the grading rubric on this page for you to review before you submit your project.


  • Create a free SoundCloud account

  • The option to upload your audio should appear next to your profile in the top right corner of the page

  • Select the audio file you would like to upload

  • Be sure to title your podcast

  • Under privacy you can keep your podcast public or you can set it to private

    • private podcasts come with a "secret" link and only people you share that link with will have access to the track you uploaded

  • Once you upload, copy the url link that appears on the next page and post this link to your course assignment in D2L

Anchor FM

  • If you created and edited your podcast in Anchor FM you first need to go to log in to your online account

  • From the dashboard select the option that says "copy url"

  • Post this url link to your course assignment in D2L


Grading Rubric

Below you will find a copy of the grading rubric used to grade the group podcast. You may download the PDF by clicking on the image or by selecting the link below the image.