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PSY 2012 Podcast - Prof. Franco

Instructional resources for the PSY2012 courses taught by Nathalie Franco. These courses will create a 5-7 min podcasts over 7 weeks by working in groups of 3-4 students.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file that is recorded by an individual or group of people to either be a single standalone media production or a series of episodes that can be downloaded or streamed through a website for listening. 
Episodic or series podcasts operate through the use of a subscription and feed model where the listener uses their mobile/digital device or computer to listen to the podcast they have chosen as the creators upload their new content on the internet. 
Single standalone podcasts are created with a specific topic and audience in mind.
A podcast digital file that the creator produces is uploaded to a web hosting site or is saved onto a USB drive or other recording media device for later use.

Podcasting studio picture

Podcast Examples

These are some podcast examples that focus on mental health, therapy and the human mind. Try and listen to at least 2 of these examples to give yourself some ideas of how you would like to structure your own group podcast. If there is anything that stands out to you within an episode (i.e: sound effects, background music, tone, etc.) make note of it. Often times some of the best ideas we get can be inspired by other people.

Choose Your Topic

Use the Google form below to select your top 3 topics. You will be sorted into groups based upon your topic interests. The Google form also requires that you select how confident you are with your skills in the four major Podcasting roles.


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