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PSY 2012 Podcast - Prof. Franco

Instructional resources for the PSY2012 courses taught by Nathalie Franco. These courses will create a 5-7 min podcasts over 7 weeks by working in groups of 3-4 students.

Narrow the Topic

Narrow the Topic

Even though you have chosen a topic, each psychological disorder is too broad to be discussed in depth within a 5-7 minute podcast. You must narrow down your topic and find research that is relevant to your narrowed topic. 

The theme for this term is "Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness in College Students"

Below is a concept map of psychological disorders that can help you narrow the scope of your topic. You can also narrow your down your topic by age group, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, region, etc. Your topic should seek to inform your audience or answer a question.
Example topics:
How do Florida schools accommodate teens with obsessive-compulsive disorder?
What state and local resources are available to low-income women with bipolar disorder?
How can family and friends identify bulimia nervosa in LGBTQ+ teenagers?
Are cases of chronic schizophrenia under reported in Latinx communities?
How do college students cope with anxiety and depression during final exams?

Research & Finding Sources

Finding Credible Sources Online

We recognize that most students prefer to use Google when searching for information. Below you will find some helpful tips and techniques for finding credible sources on the internet. When selecting a website to use for information be sure that the website can pass the CRAAP test. CRAAP is an acronym that allows you to verify if a source is accurate, unbiased and relevant among other requirements. SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL WEBSITES

Additional Resources

Below are some additional websites provided by your professor. Each pertains to the topic of mental illness and stigma. Feel free to use one or more of these links as a source when researching your specific topic. There is also a PowerPoint presentation from the National Alliance on Mental Health that will give you some information on mental health stigma.

Team Proposal

Team Proposal

Submit a team proposal describing your initial ideas for your podcast episode. The proposal should be at least 1 page in length, double spaced. What will your listeners learn from your podcast episode? What are your initial script ideas? Is there a particular podcast that you will draw inspiration from when creating your own episode? What are some resources and references that you will use to get more information on your topic?
When complete, upload to D2L
Below is a link to the Buzzsprout Podcasting 101 guide. Use the section entitled "Develop Your Podcast Concept" to help with your Team Proposal. It is a short blog post that has some useful tips and other things to consider when creating your podcast for the first time.


Team Charter

Team Charter

Your group must submit a team charter. This document is meant to identify and assign specific roles to group members. It also establishes clear boundaries and responsibilities set forth by the group. Below is a link to the word document or you may click on the image to access the word document. Download it and fill it out with your group members. If you have any questions contact either Tiffany or Edward.

When complete, upload to D2L