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This guide contains information from the Office of the Dean of Libraries and Academic Success Centers for Broward College.

LIBRARY COMMITTEES - Our faculty and staff serve on internal committees dedicated to improving our library resources and services for our patrons

Collection Development Committee


The Collection Development Committee periodically reviews and updates the University College Library Collection Development Policy; last major update was November 2021 and was approved by the UCL’s Governance/Policy Advisory Committee (GPAC). The committee advises the Collection Development Librarian (CDL) and members of library administration on collection development policies and procedures. It makes selection decisions on materials or resources costing more than $500. The committee approves changes in standing orders proposed by CDL and approves all annual resource subscriptions.


  • (Chair) Associate Dean, Library Access and Discovery
  • Associate Dean, Library Services
  • Director, Technical Services
  • Collection Development Librarian
  • Senior Specialist, Library (Technical Services - Acquisitions)  
  • Coordinator, Electronic Resources
  • Broward College Online Faculty Librarian
  • Broward College Faculty Librarians (2-year appointment to include at least 1 UCL Librarian)
  • FAU Librarian (2-year appointment)


Outreach Committee


The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to promote the awareness of services, resources, and activities of the Broward College Libraries. The committee will develop and implement a consistent marketing plan that will increase the promotion and visibility of library services, collections, resources; facilitate the planning of library academic events; and seek input from the Broward College and Florida Atlantic University communities in order to respond to their needs.


  • (Chair) Associate Dean, Library Services
  • Two Faculty Librarians from Central Campus/UCL
  • One Faculty Librarian from North Campus
  • One Faculty Librarian from South Campus
  • Library Services Supervisor (Circulation)
  • Library Services Supervisor (Reference)
  • ILL Lead Specialist
  • Executive Assistant to Dean, Libraries and Academic Success Centers
  • Executive Assistant to Library Associate Deans
  • Senior Specialist, Library (Archives and Special Collections)
  • Two FAU representatives


Technology Committee


The Technology Committee advises library administration on trends and potential new products or services. The committee performs assessments of current technology. It provides planning for hardware and software technology at the University/College Library and software technology for all Broward College Libraries. The committee establishes and maintains project priorities and coordinates test and pilot programs of new products and services that are technology based. It deploys new technologies by providing training and documentation.


  • (Chair) Associate Dean, Library Access and Discovery
  • Associate Dean, Library Services
  • One Faculty Librarian representative
  • Library Web Specialist
  • Library Services Supervisor (Reference)
  • Central Campus ASC representative
  • Central Campus IT representative
  • District IT Web Support representative


University College Library Building 17 Safety Committee


The Safety Committee ensures the safety of our building tenants and guests by making all tenant department heads and UCL floor wardens aware of our Occupant Emergency Action Plan (OEAP) so they know our procedures in the event of an emergency.  The committee appoints each committee member to specific roles during an emergency and communicates information to our tenants, guests and other appropriate parties as needed. 


Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC) and Alternate

  • Primary BEC - Dean, Libraries and Academic Success Centers
  • Alternate BEC - Associate Dean, Central Campus Academic Success Center
  • NOTE: The faculty librarian serving at the Reference Desk during evenings/weekends serves as the Temporary BEC in the event of an emergency, until the Primary or Alternate BEC is called and arrives on site.

Building Leadership Team (not already listed in other categories)

  • Associate Dean, Library Services
  • Associate Dean, Library Access and Discovery

Floor Wardens

  • Floor 1 - Archives and Special Collections Librarian
  • Floor 1 - Library Services Supervisor (Reference)
  • Floor 1 - Senior Library Assistant, Circulation (evenings/weekends)
  • Floor 1 - Senior Specialist, Campus Technology, Central
  • Floor 2 - Senior Specialist, Library (Technical Services)
  • Floor 2 - Administrative Specialist III, Academic Success Center, Central
  • Floor 2 - Specialist, Academic Resources, Academic Success Center, Central
  • Floor 3 - Executive Assistant to Associate Deans for Library Services and Library Access and Discovery
  • Floor 3 - Executive Assistant to Dean, Libraries and Academic Success Centers
  • Floor 4 - Administrative Specialist III, English
  • Floor 4 – Associate Dean, English
  • Floor 4 - Associate Dean, Social Sciences
  • Floor 4 - Associate Vice President, CTEL
  • Floor 4 - Executive Assistant, Social Sciences
  • Floor 4 - Senior Director, Faculty Development, CTEL
  • Floaters for Floors 1 and 2 - Library Services Supervisor (Circulation) and ILL Lead Specialist

Campus Safety & Emergency Management (Honorary Member)

  • Senior Director, Emergency Management


Library Assessment Committee


The Library Assessment Committee advises the Library Administration and the Assessment Librarian on the prioritizing, planning, and implementation of assessment activities. Members assist the Assessment Librarian in identifying assessment opportunities, designing assessment tools, promoting assessment activities, selecting accountability call goals and fostering a culture of assessment within the library. The committee shares in accountability for the success of the assessment program and evaluates its effectiveness in supporting the library’s mission and strategic directions. The Library Assessment Committee may form specialized subcommittees to review and develop recommendations concerning specific aspects of the committee’s charge.


  • Assessment Librarian
  • Central Campus/UCL Librarian
  • North Campus Librarian
  • Online Librarian
  • Technical Services representative
  • Circulation or ILL representative 
  • FAU representative
  • Ex officio: Associate Dean, Library Services