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Faculty Resources and Services

An overview of library services and resources for faculty

Broward College Libraries Mission Statement

Providing instructional services and access to the world’s knowledge to enrich our diverse community’s educational experience and foster lifelong learning.

Broward College Partnership Libraries

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Pathway Assignments

Pathways Campus Deans Librarian Librarian
Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design North Dean Jamonica Rolle and Dean Scott Miller Michelle Apps Andrew Dutka
Business South Dean Paul Moore Chris Casper Torri Kellough
Social Behavioral Science & Human Services North Dean Lulrick Balzora Victor Lawrence Judi Tidwell
Health Science Central Campus Dean Deborah Papa and Dean Nora Powell Kristin Kroger Majid Anwar
Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation South Dean Russ McCaffery Lori Albrizio  
Public Safety Central Campus Dean Linda Wood Dan Tan  
Science, Technology., Engineering & Math BC Online Dean Eileen Garcia and Dean Theo Koupelis Elena Lazovskaia-Hall Simone Williams


North Dean Jeff Nasse Cristy Moran Elita Kalma

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