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ENC 1101 - Prof. Geerling - Believe It or Not?

Fall 2023

MLA: Personal Interview

List the interview by the name of the interviewee. Include the descriptor Personal interview and the date of the interview

Last Name, First Name of your interview subject. Personal Interview. Day Month Year interview was conducted.


Smith, Jane. Personal interview. 19 May 2020.

MLA: Webpage

Editor, author, or compiler name. “Page Title.” Website Title, Version or Edition, 

         Sponsor or Publisher, Year/ Season of Publication, Accessed Day Month Year, url.


Mayo Clinic Staff. “Organic Foods: Are They Safer? More Nutritious?.” Mayo Clinic, 17 April 2017.

           Accessed 12 Mar. 2018,


MLA: Dictionary Entry (Online)

"Title of Entry." Title of Work. Title of Website, Publication Year,  Month Day Year of Access. Url.


"Oblivious." Random House Dictionary., 2017,

          1 Sep. 2017.


MLA: YouTube Videos

Author/Uploaded By. “Title of Video.” Name of Website, Day Month Year of Posting, URL.


TheKillersVEVO. "The Killers - Human." YouTube, 13 Dec. 2009, 

MLA: Book (Print)

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Year of Publication.


Bolling, Linda. My Life with My Best Friend in Colorado. Time-Life, 2008.

MLA: Dictionary Entry (Print)

"Title of Entry." Title of Work, edition, Year, page. 


“Heraldry.” The American Heritage College Dictionary, 4th ed., 2010, p. 647.

Anthology or Collection (Entire Anthology)

Last Name, First Name of Editor(s). Title of Anthology. Publisher, Year. 


Hill, Charles A., and Marguerite Helmers, Eds. Defining Visual Rhetorics, 

      Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004. 

Anthology or Collection (Single work within)

Last Name, First Name. "Title of Work within Anthology." Title of Anthology, 

        First Name Last Name of Editor(s), Publisher, Year., Page#(s). 


Swanson, Gunnar. "Graphic Design Education as a Liberal Art: Design and Knowledge

          in the University and The 'Real World.'" The Education of a Graphic Designer, 

           Ed. Steven Heller, Allworth Press, 1998, pp.13-24.