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This guide contains information from the Office of the Dean of Libraries and Academic Success Centers for Broward College.


Libraries assist students with learning and access to information. As the needs of the classroom have changed, we have enhanced our library services to meet student learning outcomes.  

I am honored to serve as the Dean of Libraries and Academic Success Centers, having previously worked as Associate Dean of the Central Campus Academic Success Center. The libraries and Academic Success Centers have a vital role in supporting students during their college career.

Here are a few ways we are serving the college community:

  • To better serve students, we have renovated spaces on the first and second floor of the University/College Library to provide convenient spaces for studying and collaborating.
  • We continue to review ways to improve our technology and how students access information.
  • Faculty Librarians are embedded in the eight guided pathways to provide library instruction. 
  • Senior Curriculum Support Specialists are also engrained in the eight guided pathways to provide academic support services.  
  • Our library staff serves our college community with traditional library services such as information literacy, research appointments, and technical services. 
  • The Academic Success Centers continue to provide tutoring and other curriculum support services.

Every semester our department helps equip students with tools and techniques to succeed. I am grateful to have a team that is talented and ready to assist students with achieving academic success.

Monique Blake, Ed. D.
Dean, Libraries and Academic Success Centers