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Academic Research Studies for ENC 1101 & ENC 1102

The Modern Student: Pen, Paper, and Drug by Ryan Raymond

While on the surface the ability to take a pill and enhance focus right away may seem like a wonderful boon, some fear a dark path of addiction and dependency down the line for these prospective scholars. How do current high school and college students feel about the academic integrity of using these medications, and do the benefits of use outweigh the potential risks? This study will examine the views of current high school and college students on the use of ADHD medication in an academic environment, as well as explore the risks and benefits associated with the use of these stimulants.

Lights, Camera, Action: A Research Study about Film by Aaron Principe

What is the influence of film on society today? This research paper aims to explore the impacts that films can have on society and determine if they are becoming beneficial in any way or if they are being used as a form of manipulation towards the masses with films such as Triumph of the Will and Birth of a Nation. It will dive into how the purpose of films have changed over the years and analyze how they influence and pave the way for society. This paper will also examine the potential positive and negative effects of films on various aspects of society, including individuals, communities, and cultures.

Fan Frenzy: Exploring the world of Fandoms by Ayleen Regalado

Currently, fandom culture has evolved to become more extreme than it was in the 1900s. With the creation of social media, fans can connect with other fans and become more dedicated to their favorite show, celebrity, or influencer. Companies and management teams also strategize to make fans emotionally attached to create a parasocial relationship to profit off fans. With fandoms now being invested in their favorite celebrity or piece of media more than ever, how does fandom culture influence the fans themselves? This research study will explore and analyze how fandom culture can influence an individual’s habits and behaviors while celebrating or supporting a public figure.

Cultural Understanding of Football by Giovanni Ghiringhelli

This research study will explore if environmental surroundings and cultural backgrounds have an impact on which form of “football” is watched. The goal of this study is to explore the traits or qualities that influence people’s decisions regarding which sport is viewed.

Bridge: What Lies Ahead by Mia Mercado Soto

What is the long-term impact of quality-constructed bridges on future societies? This research paper will explore the impact of quality bridges in the future. The aim of this study is to touch on the past, present, and future of bridges.

Privilege and Harm: An Honest Appraisal by Michelle Mason

How can one learn the skill to navigate and interpret this moment?  Stripped of many routines and certainties, it is an appropriate time for an individual to reassess assumptions about oneself, one’s places in society, and how one might interact or intersect with fellow Americans.  This research paper explores how people might examine these issues by using the lens of intersectionality as a critical tool.

The Lack of Knowledge Involving Climate Change by David Prieto

Climate change can be seen all throughout earth. Nevertheless, there is much skeptical about climate change. Many people still do not believe in the change. People think it is a theory but there is sufficient evidence that says otherwise. However, lack of knowledge and ignorance overrides the importance of climate change. Each year natural disasters are happening more frequently. Global warming affects every living specie on earth. This research study explores the human actions on climate change.

The Cost of Being a Mom: Motherhood vs. Professional Growth

To understand, how does having children affect women’s professional growth, and avoid the motherhood penalty, it is imperative to identify the foundation of the problem. This study attempts to confirm if women’s professional careers are negatively affected by having children, and what are the common causes for it.

Vegan? Not Anymore by Natalia Dominguez

Legalization of Marijuana by John Doe

Effects of Vehicle Pollutants on the Environment and Alternative Power Sources by Amar Ibrahim

It is estimated that there are about 1.2 billion vehicles on the roads worldwide (Environmental Protection Agency 25). The most common method of transportation is by vehicles. According to the US Department of Transportation, vehicles are the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions and are the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses (197). The pollutants emitted from vehicles are known to cause global warming, cancers, and several other health issues. This research study explores the impact of vehicle pollutants on the environment and introduces alternative power sources that decrease effects.

Mirror, Mirror on the Web by Teshla Garcia

Social media’s influence has strongly standardized the concepts of aesthetic ethics embraced by modern America. From a very young age, women become a part of a societal market that targets to sell physical appearance rather than professional skills. The perpetual portrayal of thinness as a social norm promotes unhealthy eating styles and excessive dieting. Online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook create a very strong relationship between a woman’s success and her superficial beauty. It is imperative to target and address social media as a main factor that exposes young women to eating disorders.  This research study will explore the correlation between social media’s ideal body endorsement and eating disorders among young women.

Social Norms: Minding the Gap by Krystal Jerez

In the twenty-first century, there is still social disapproval of age-gap relationships. The term ‘age-gap relationship’ refers to romantic relationships and/or connections that have been made by two or more individuals that have a significant difference in age. Socially, there has been stereotypes that have been constructed and believed in regard to these certain relationships. These ideas have developed into a normal standard and has led it to define what is acceptable in a romantic companionship, obligating partners who participate in this relationship to be seen as defying a set societal moral. The misconstructions go as far as developing the false impression that age-gap relationships end up in failure. With this in mind, this research study determines if there is a positive or negative connotation associated with major age gap relationships. 


Social Media and Its Effects on Academic Success by Kylie Bueno

When social media was introduced in the new millennium, it was seen as a novel concept in a constantly communicating world. However, it has quickly become one of the most important aspects of everyday life. It allows educational programs to thrive and has become a gateway to an ever changing world. Not only have social media platforms transformed daily life, they have also had a global impact on society. Social media platforms are heavily used by students in this day in age. They have become an essential part of education and learning experiences. Many institutions have tailored their teaching to use social media platforms to engage students. Social media is a stepping stone to widening students’ horizons, opening up a world of opportunity and information. This research study explores how the advent of social media has shaped the way the world communicates universally and benefits students.

Children and Internet by Hayley Coote

The Nutritional Effects on Brain Development by Alexander Gabbara

Synthetic Marijuana approved over Natural Marijuana by Briana Herndon

Pets Leaving Their Paw Prints on Our Hearts by Alf Yaranga

Ocean Pollution and Its Effects on Marine Life by Jolisa Velazquez