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Academic Research Studies for ENC 1101 & ENC 1102

What Role Does Exercise Play in Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle by Janneth Perez

This field study examines the significance of consistent exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Its objective is to gather the perspectives and viewpoints of participants concerning the relationship between regular exercise and well-being. The survey was distributed on various social media sites for seven days and received responses from 20 people, all 18 years old or older, classified as either male or female. The results of the study reveal a conclusive relationship between regular exercise and its impact on a healthy lifestyle.

Next Stop: A Research Study on Changing Perceptions of Public Transportation by Luis Maldonado

This case study explores how perceptions of public transportation change as a result of using the private inter-city rail service Brightline. New commuters on Brightline will bring in new demands to be met in order for a service like Brightline to be successful. Brightline has been theorized to be shifting the general public perceptions of how commuting is viewed. The case study interviewed five participants using 7 closed ended questions and 1 open ended question totaling 8 questions for the interview. Participants have been found to show support for better safety of commuters, support for subsidizing those who are disabled who cannot commute by car regularly, and to increase connectivity of transit networks.

Beyond Body Image: A Field Study by Love Jones

Many women in current society feel pressured to look a certain way. This field study collected data from respondents who shared their feelings about their bodies and body image as a whole. A multiple-choice survey was posted to Facebook and Instagram for two weeks using an online link. There were 25 female respondents total, all over 18 years of age. The findings revealed factors contributing to an idealized body standard for women and respondents' feelings about their own body image.

What Is Essential for a Computer to Be Used in Architecture by Giorgio Scaroina

Choosing a computer for architecture is one of the most difficult things to do since nobody teaches what is required. This study analyzes the respondents’ knowledge of the requirements of a computer to run architecture software by using multiple-choice questions. The survey was posted on different social media platforms for one week and had 21 respondents. All respondents were architecture students in different levels of architecture design classes. The findings indicate that the more knowledge an architecture student acquired as one progressed to the upper level, the student gained more skills in using architecture software.

Explorations of Concepts in Financial Literacy By Christopher Diego Gomez

Since the 2008 financial crisis, Americans desire to place a larger emphasis on fundamental financial education; however, no widely accepted definition of what it means to have “financial literacy” exists. This phenomenological study attempts to evaluate the lay-person's knowledge and understanding of what it means to be financially literate in the United States. Participants were invited to answer five questions relating to multiple aspects of financial literacy via an online form over five days. This study concludes that financial literacy is largely defined by a core of skills and competencies related to managing one’s own financial matters and financial planning extending from those matters, regardless of individual outcomes.

The Rise of the Stream: The New Gaming Experience by Brandon Navas

Video game streaming has become very prominent in the gaming community within the past couple years. With all this new interest in streaming, there have been a lot of gamers who are looking to get onto the bandwagon, especially once there was money involved. This field study investigates the reasoning as to why streaming has become to popular within the last couple of years. The survey used to gather data, was posted on Twitch and the researchers social media platforms. All respondents ages ranged from 8 and above, anyone under the age of 18 needed parental consent to complete the survey. The respondents were also asked about gender and ethnicity to establish whether it played a role in video game streaming awareness and participation. This research study concluded that there has been a significant rise in live streaming within the gaming community over the years.

Sport Injury Effects on the Brain by Layla Kalil

Sports have made an enormous impact in this world. Improving health and entertainment are just two examples of the influence that sport has had on people; however, any injury can change one’s perspective, very quickly. Injuries are inevitable, but sport-related head injuries are a more serious matter. This field study will investigate the effects of head injuries a person endures during a contact sport; it will also reveal how these injuries affect the life of an athlete after the injury. This study collected data from 22 respondents, of different experiences with head injuries, using a survey that was distributed through a social media platform. The results show a correlation between sport-related head injuries and negative effects to an athlete’s life.

The Impact of Parks and Recreation in a Community: A Field Study By Samantha Navarro

Parks and recreation have played an important role in society since 1634, when the Boston Common became the nation’s first city park. The benefits communities receive from parks and recreation does not receive enough recognition from local government officials and community members. This research study explores the impact parks and recreation has in communities and why it should receive more recognition. The researcher uses a field study method where 20 respondents were randomly selected to complete a multiple-choice survey instrument. This study was performed to explore the many factors that have an affect on parks and recreation. Factors such as health, community, economy, and environment were all being considered when conducting this research. The findings confirm that by having a strong parks and recreation foundation with core values such as health, community, economy, and environment, community members could have access to many resources that could benefit them

The Cost of Being a Mom: Motherhood vs. Professional Growth by Laura Giraldo

This correlational study explores the effects of motherhood on women’s professional growth. The research is the continuation of a previous one on the same topic, and the researcher analyzed and compared both data collections together. There were 37 respondents in total, including 21 mothers and 16 women without children. Respondents were categorized by age groups, and the results revealed a generational pattern since 84% were under 35 years old, and 76% of all respondents felt that women without children have more possibilities to succeed. The findings also confirm that there is inequality inside the household as most mothers in this research think they are more affected by having children than their respective partners

Vegan: More Than a Diet

Turning Over a New Leaf: Legalizing Marijuana by Nicole Odar

Bilingualism and Personality by Maria Guadalupe Fernandez Orozco

The Impact of Aging by Verquisha Harrington

Society Influence in Make-up by Ashley Neira

It's Not All in Your Head: Effects of Depression by Jasmine Aguila

Are Food Manufacturers Killing Us With Steroids... by Natalie Galvis

Unifying a Nation through Language by Antoine Tran

Self-esteem and Social Media in the 21st Century by Nathalia Garcia