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ENC 1101 - Dr. Debra Guild: Cause/Effect Essay

Annotated bibliography assignment

Suggested Databases


ENC 1101

Cause and Effect Essay


Assignment Weight: 20 points

Length:  6 pages, 1500 words, including works cited page

Citation: MLA, in-text and works cited

Number of sources: 6


Instructions: All students must turn in a fully researched and documented essay on the topics of their annotated bibliographies. The paper should focus specifically on the causes and effects of the issue, which should include both remote and immediate causes and long term and short term effects. The essay must have an introduction, a clear thesis statement, a body with six main points, a conclusion, and a works cited page. Each main point should identify and discuss a specific cause or a specific effect, and all points must be arranged in a logical order. Students should pay attention to transitions, grammar, and mechanics.

Format of Essay:
            I. Introduction – An opening paragraph on the background of the subject, or a

paragraph that uses a relevant quotation, or an anecdote (a personal story)


            II. Body – six paragraphs


A)    Each paragraph should highlight a specific cause or effect. Students should name the cause or effect and present details to explain it. It is important to discuss both immediate and remote causes and effects, so the paper will be a well rounded discussion of the subject.

B)    The body of the essay should contain six secondary sources. This is the research component of the paper. Use the textbook, Chapter 22, and the notes from class to correctly document each source mentioned in the paper. The textbook discusses this rule and the exceptions to it. This kind of documentation is also called parenthetical citation because the information in the text is enclosed within parentheses.


III. Conclusion – an update, final thoughts


IV. Works Cited page – This is the list of sources cited or mentioned in the paper.

            No annotation is required, just the sources in MLA.


V. Photocopies of sources – Each source must be photocopied and submitted

along with the essay in a pocket folder, essay in one pocket, sources in the other. Sources should be labeled with the student’s first and last names. The folder should also bear the student’s name. 



Note: Any student who submits a paper that is found to be plagiarized on any level will earn a zero for the paper and an F for the course. See syllabus for more information on dishonesty.

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