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ASN Nursing Guide

Online Writing Help

For writing help, Broward College students have 2 options.

1.  BC Writing tutors are available for online tutoring and paper submission & review:

To schedule a 30-minute one-on-one appointment, use the ‚ÄčWConline appointment system. 

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create an account and login to WCOnline WCOnline.pdf

The Broward College Writing Tutors can help you with: 

  • creating a strong thesis
  • starting a topic
  • grammar, punctuation, sentence structure etc.
  • submit writing for review and critique

2.  BC also contracts with for online tutoring from subject specialists across the logo is an online tutoring service where BC students can:

  • get on-demand tutoring 24/7
  • schedule tutoring
  • submit writing for review and critique

Access by clicking [ONLINE TUTORING] from the [Resources] dropdown menu from any D2L course page. 

**Please be advised that students are allotted 3 hours of tutoring time on