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Student Research Initiative Project


The Student Research Initiative Project

The Student Research Initiative Project (SRIP) is a research-focused, collaborative plan to support student research across all pathways. SRIP proposes to provide additional student support by embedding librarians in students’ research process in four phases.

  1. Librarians and faculty collaborate with students to identify students involved in a research project (thesis paper, capstone project, poster).
  2. Three student information sessions taught by University/College librarians to help develop better research skills, cite scholarly literature, and create an effective presentation poster. Followed by one-on-one sessions with librarians.
  3. Honors College Colloquium (sponsored by the Honors College every fall semester) and Student Research Showcase (sponsored by the University College Library every spring semester). These events are designed to promote undergraduate research and help students develop presentation skills while reporting their work. The Colloquium is open to Honors College Students only, while the Showcase is open to all Broward College students.
  4. Seahawk Scholars Repository, a collection within the Broward College Digital Archives. The repository provides permanent digital access to the best student research from the Colloquium and Showcase.