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ENC 1101 - Prof. Santivasci: Start Here

Guide to Conducting Research


This guide is designed to help you successfully locate, evaluate and cite information to complete your research assignment.

Where Do I Start?

Click on the links below to find books on locating and organizing research information.


The Research Process


The research process involves selecting a topic, developing a search strategy, locating information, evaluating information and citing sources. The flow chart below outlines the steps to complete a research assignment. 

the research process


Useful Terms

Citation: A concise description of a source, also called a reference, which allows other researchers to find the source

MLA style: The documentation format recommended by the Modern Language Association of America 

Record: A descriptive summary of a source, such as entries found in an online catalog or database

Source: An object in any format containing information; any evidence a researcher uses to support an argument

Subject Headings: Standardized words or phrases used to describe the content of a source


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