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Prof. Ebert - ENC 1101, ENC1102, & AML2020

LibGuides to support the course work and assignments for Professor Valorie Ebert's classes at Broward College

Final Research Paper

Researched Essay Assignment

Write a paper in which you engage in a close textual analysis of the visual text you chose.  The purpose of your close textual analysis is to develop a paper that thoroughly answers this question: What messages or ideas about social norms, gender or racial/ethnic identity, or stereotypes are embedded within this text beyond the most obvious stated, intended messages?

Assignment Guidelines

  • Research 2 outside sources for support that are related to the specific topic you have chosen. 
  • Textbooks from any classes are not a suitable source. 
  • All articles must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or from a source that the librarian has given you. This means Google is not acceptable. 
  • Both the rough and final draft must be a minimum of 1250 words and no more than 1500 words not including the works cited page. If you have not met page length, and your paper will be returned ungraded and without comment.
  • The page length does not include your Works Cited page.