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ENC 1102 - Prof. Marilyn Daniels: Home

This research page is designed to help you successfully complete your literature assignment

Prof. Daniels | ENC 1102

Professor Daniels | ENC 1102

Please provide the following information about your author:

  • Biographical information
    • Born/died
    • Parents
    • Where raised
    • Family life
    • School/education
    • Famous works/known for? / type of works? / theme, setting, characters, etc.
    • Prizes/awards
    • Influences
    • Anything else you find interesting

Please locate 3 sources of literary criticism for your assigned work.

This may or may not include the sources you may find about your author.

Use the online databases you can access through the University/College Library. Try to get current pieces of criticism.

Remember to look for common elements as well as differences in the things you find. Your job is to report what you find; you do not have to analyze the information. Please download or photocopy the sources and provide works cited entries in MLA form. 

Your completed work should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, with properly cited sources in MLA format. You should use notes or even develop a handout to use when you give your presentation. These presentations should give your classmates a good summary of the important facts and influences your author and the work have had on readers.

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This is a 12 min. video taking an in-depth look into the online library resources and services.

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