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Integrating Library Resources in D2L Courses

 Learn all the ways you can integrate library resources, tools, services

Single-Sign On

How it works:

1. Students/faculty log into D2L

2. From any course page, click on Library Resources under the Resources dropdown menu

3. Click on any of the links under the Finding Sources section to access library resources

4. You will automatically be logged into the online library resources*

*Authentication into the library resources is given when signed into D2L. No other login should be required.

Library Resources Page in D2L

The Library Resources page in D2L serves as the online library for BC students and faculty and connects them to library resources and information. The page also authenticates students into the library resources with no further log in required.

To get to the library resources page:

1. Log into D2L

2. Click on any online course

3. On the menu bar, under the Resources dropdown, click on Library Resources

Step 3 screenshot

4. The Library Resources page will open in a new window

Step 4 screenshot