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Integrating Library Resources in D2L Courses



  • BC Librarians have made video screencasts/ tutorials on information literacy and research skills
  • Typically are 3-5 minutes long


  • They are a good introduction to information literacy and research skills!


  • Share/ embed these videos in your D2L course
  • Assign as a flipped assignment


1. Browse the different videos tutorials created by BC librarians

2. Click on the instructions below to learn how to embed the code in D2L.


Contact for assistance with locating embed codes and using them in D2L. I also welcome suggestions on new video topics.


There is an Information Literacy module which covers the following topics:

  • Evaluating information
  • Identifying and accessing library databases
  • Accessing eBooks
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Citing your sources


  • Introduces and teaches students information literacy skills
  • Helps students become better researchers
  • Makes reading all those research papers so much better!


  • Assign to your students as an assignment or for extra credit
  • Make completing the module a course requirement


If you would like to embed the module into your course content, contact to get assistance on adding it to your course and adding an assessment


Share the link below with students. 


Contact for more information on the information literacy module.


The Library Research Menu was created by your Broward College librarians to offer easy in-course access to library content in your course. This menu is available as a zip file that you must request directly from a librarian or from your campus instructional technologist.

For any information about it or if you would like to receive the Library Research Menu file or if you would like guidance in uploading and copying the content in your course contact the Broward College Library at


Steps to use the Library Research Menu:

Save the zip file into your computer.

Go to the course shell(s) you’d like to add it to. (You’ll do this for each course you’d like to add the module to.)

Click on Tools from the menu and then Course Admin from the dropdown.Go to Tools then Course Admin

Select Import/ Export/ Copy Components

Select Import/ Export/ Copy Components

Scroll to the last option to select the radio dial for Import Components

Scroll to the last option to select the radio dial for Import Components

Upload the zip file for the Library Research Menu

Upload the zip file for the Library Research Menu

When it’s done and prompts you, select the Import All Components button.

When it’s done and prompts you, select the Import All Components button.

The Library Research Menu will then have been copied and added into your Content accessible.

library research menu available and copied in your content


"LibGuides is an easy to use Content Management System used by many thousands of libraries worldwide. Librarians use it to curate knowledge and share information by creating online Guides on any topic, subject, course, on any process, on any thing."



  • Connects students with specific resources pertaining to the course outcomes and assignments.
  • Contains information on information literacy including the research process, citation styles, etc. 
  • BC librarians have created hundreds of LibGuides to support students' research and information needs.


  • Embed in your course content
  • Share the link with your students


Share any of the existing LibGuide links with your students or contact a librarian to create a customized LibGuide for your course.

Browse LibGuides by clicking on the link below.

Embed LibGuides in your course shell so students don't have to link out to it. 

Follow the directions in the link below on how to do this.


Contact to have have a LibGuide made for your course.