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Criminal Justice

A guide to criminal justice resources available to Broward College students.

Before purchasing/renting your textbooks, you can check the library textbook and course reserves and see if you can borrow them from the campus library or the academic success center. We may have your textbooks and it doesn’t cost a thing. All you need is your BC student ID. Textbooks are available to students for a three hour period and may not leave the building.

Are you curious now to see if we have one of the Criminal Justice textbooks in the library? If yes, please continue to browse this page.

CCJ1020 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CCJ2191 Human Behavior in Criminal Justice

CJC2000 Introduction to Corrections

CJE1300 Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration & Management

CJE2400 Police Community Relations

CJE2600 Criminal Investigation

CJE2640 Introduction to Criminalistics

CJE2642 Criminalistics Practicum

CJE2643 Advanced Forensic Investigation

CJE2770 Forensic Photography and Visual Documentation

CJJ2001 Juvenile Justice

CJL1062 Constitutional Law

CJL1100 Criminal Law

CJL1130 Criminal Evidence and Court Procedures

DSC1002 Terrorism and Domestic Security

DSC1006 Introduction to Homeland Security

DSC2590 Intelligence Analysis & Security