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BSC4848 Scientific Communication- Prof. Fletcher

Literature Review and Quality

                                                     What are the criteria for evaluating information?                                                                       



                                              Questions to Consider


   Is the author an expert on the subject?


   Is the information from a popular or scholarly source?


   Does the content of the book/article discuss your research question?


   Does the author present information based on facts or opinion?


  How recently was the book/article published? and what is/are the significance of the finding(s)

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

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Predatory Journals & Predatory Conferences: Research & Clinicians Beware - Jan. 8, 2020


Phony vs Legit Publishing 

                                                     Phony VS Legit Publishing image

Evaluating Scholarly Journals infographic from FrontMatter by Allen Press / CC BY ND NC 3.0