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CCJ1020: Introduction to Criminal Justice

A Guide to Criminal Justice resources

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

Scholarly articles are:

in-depth |  written by experts   validated with technical language, abstracts, literature reviews, methodologies, tables, graphs, and conclusions |  reviewed by experts | given a bibliography

Popular articles are:

brief overviews of topics |  written by journalists |  easily read by most people |  illustrated with colorful photographs or pictures reviewed by editors | not given a bibliography

Scholarly Journals

Scholarly journals have articles written by researchers who are considered experts in a field. These journals are also known as "peer-reviewed," "refereed" or "academic" journals.  Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology is a scholarly journal. Popular magazines have articles written by writers or journalists. Time or Newsweek are examples of popular magazine.

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Browse Selected Magazine and Journal

Justice Quarterly
Trauma, Violence & Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency
Homicide Studies
Crime Media Culture
Criminal Justice and Behavior
Crime & Delinquency
Police Journal
Journal of Quantitative Criminology
The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology
Crime, Law and Social Change
American Jails
Journal of Gambling Studies
The Journal of Digital Forensics Security and Law
The Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology
Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling
Contemporary Drug Problems
American Journal of Criminal Justice
Police Chief
Law and Order
Forensic Magazine
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Corrections Today

Why would I use a database?

Databases are great sources for finding information for your research paper. In the databases, you will find peer-reviewed or scholarly articles for your research. Journal Articles and Newspapers can be useful because you may find information on a topic that is so specific that no book has been written about it (and they may be more timely, since it takes some time to publish a book.)

Popular Databases

Magazine and newspapers articles

Recommended Databases

Many of these Databases listed under the "Social Sciences" heading in the library's list of databases by subject will contain scholarly articles on criminal justice topics. Here are direct links to just a few. Remember to choose Full Text when available.