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CCJ1020: Introduction to Criminal Justice

A Guide to Criminal Justice resources

Selecting a Topic

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) has A-Z Topics on various issues to help you find interesting research topics and the resources to get your assignments complete. 


National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) tracks perennial criminal justice issues, and also provides information and analysis on current hot topics of interest to lawmakers and their constituents. 


BC librarians have created Topic Guides on various issues to help you find interesting research topics and the resources to get your assignments complete. 


  If you cannot think of a topic or cannot decide on just one, there are databases that can help

Select any database to browse by subject or topic or search by keywords


Criminal Justice Topics (Login Required)

Browse Criminal Justice Topics (Login Required)

When you have a research project, such as a paper or speech or class presentation, you may have to develop your own topic or be given a general one. Use this guide to help you develop research topics and find scholarly and research articles, and related publications. Browse the following Criminal Justice topics by clicking on the appropriate topic from AcademicOneFile or UC library catalog. (Login Required).




Broken Windows Theory

Campus Shooting

Capital punishment

Case and statutory law

Civil rights

Community policing

Community-based corrections

Confidential Informants

Correctional personnel


Court system

Courts (Federal, state, and appeal)

Crime prevention

Crime Statistic Reporting

Crime victims

Criminal intent and probable cause

Criminal justice system

Criminal law

Criminal rehabilitation


Cyber Crime

Death Penalty


Defense (Criminal procedure)

Domestic Violence

Due process

Drug Abuse

Drug War

Environmental Justice


Excessive Force

Felonies and misdemeanors

For Profit Prisons

Forensic Science


Gangs and organized crime

Grand jury

Gun control

Hate Crime

Hate Groups

Human Trafficking

Incarceration of women

Identity Theft

Illegal Drug Use

Innocence Projects

International Terrorism


Judicial discretion and review

Jurisdiction and federalism

Jury selection

Juvenile corrections

Juvenile courts

Juvenile delinquency

Law enforcement and technology

Legalization of Marijuana

Lethal Injection

Mandatory Minimum Sentence

Mental Illness

Miranda rights

Organize Crime

Plea bargaining

Police Brutality

Police discretion

Police investigations and police patrols

Police organizations and training

Pre-trial procedures
(Arraignment and preliminary hearing)

Presumptive parole

Prison administration and private prisons

Prison Overcrowding

Prison discipline

Prison life (Prisoner rights, violence, and gangs)

Private security

Probation, monitoring, detention, and intermediate sanctions


Prosecution and defense attorneys



Race Relations

Racial Profiling

Rehabilitation in Prison

Release and reentry

Restorative Justice

Right of privacy


Search, seizure, and warrants



Sentencing (Determinate and indeterminate)

Sentencing guidelines

Serial Killers


Sodomy Laws

Statute of limitations


Undercover Police


Victims of Crimes


Voting Rights for Felons

Waiver of juvenile court jurisdiction

White-collar crime

Witness Protection Program

Women police officers

Wrongful convictions