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Child Abuse

About Child abuse

A picture of Rachel Perez who is serving an eight and half years sentence for child abuse and attempted second degree murder of biological son.The crime of child abuse occurs when an adult in charge of a child's welfare mistreats the child, causing physical injury or emotional harm. Neglect occurs when a parent or caregiver fails to attend to a child's basic needs or to protect the child from situations where he or she is at risk. According to child welfare experts, forms of child abuse and neglect include using violence to punish a child, patterns of verbal attack, sexual acts involving a child, exploitation, and abandonment. Very young children (age three and under) and children with special needs face higher risk of being abused. Having young, inexperienced parents or parents lacking financial resources, educational skills, or emotional stability increases the risk that a...  (Opposing Viewpoints)

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  • What does it mean to be a "survivor" of child abuse?
  • How can child abuse be prevented?
  • Along with PTSD, what are other consequences of child abuse?
  • Should abused children testify in court?
  • How reliable is the testimony of children?
  • Is there a connection between child abuse and spouse abuse?
  • Does child abuse cross generations?
  • How is the Vulnerable Persons Law enforced and implemented in Florida?
  • Should children be able to divorce their parents?
  • What reforms can be made in the legal system to address child abuse?