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Animal Rights

About Animal Rights

A pit bull dog stands up in the holding cageThe debate over animal rights questions whether nonhuman animals should be afforded similar legal and ethical considerations to humans. Proponents of animal rights oppose the use of animals for clothing, entertainment, experimentation, and food. Extreme positions on animal rights contend that nonhuman animals should be granted the legal rights of personhood. Some activists believe that keeping animals as pets infringes upon their rights. Those who support the keeping of pets stress the importance of providing animals with proper care. Most animal rights activists oppose the intentional breeding of pets for human companionship as the practice can contribute to animal suffering in several ways. Pet breeders often value profit over the well-being of the animals, leading to animals having their tails... (Opposing Viewpoints)

Narrow the Topic

  • Do animals have rights?
  • Is animal experimentation justified?
  • Should animals be allowed to experience pain for medical research?
  • Should animals be used for food?
  • Is animal experimentation bad science?
  • Should the fur industry be shut down?
  • How should substances which may be harmful to human health, be tested?
  • What is acceptable pain?
  • What obligations do humans have to animals?
  • Are there alternatives to using animals for research?
  • Would the advances in treatments for diseases have been possible without using animals?
  • Should technologies replace animal dissection in science classes?