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ENC 1101 - Prof. Carolyn Barr

Argumentative Controversial Issues

Argument Essay

List of Tasks to be completed to prepare for the Argument Essay

Essay 2 has been modified:

Instead of writing a comparison/contrast essay, students will be learning skills to help them research and write the Argument Essay, which is your final essay.

In other words, the up to 250 points that you could have earned by writing a Comparison/Contrast essay will instead be divided up into 4 different writing and researching tasks. Instead of writing a comparison/contrast essay, you will be preparing to write the argument essay.

What are the tasks we will be completing instead of Essay #2?

Here are the tasks:

Task                                                                    Description                                   

Choose a research question for your argument essay. It must be on one of the topics below. If you choose one not on the list, I will need to approve it.

See instructions in the Assignment in the Assignments box and also posted on the calendar and in Announcements for Wednesday, March 16th.

Locate 3 websites and 3 database sources (no books )from the BC library that you might use in your argument essay. Evaluate each on a CRAAP Worksheet.

Use the CRAAP Test to determine which articles and which websites you will use to research your topic.

Submit a worksheet that includes 2 summaries, two paraphrases, and two direct

quotations from your sources.

You will be taught how to create summaries, paraphrases, and direct quotations from your sources and how to incorporate those into an argument essay.

After a review of several sample argument essays,

Create a draft thesis statement for your argument essay.

We will practice writing thesis statements for argument essays in class. Then, you will draft a thesis statement for your argument essay

The above tasks will help prepare you to write your argument paper because you will have already collected and vetted the sources you need to support your thesis statement. The points take the place of the points that would have gone to the Comparison/ Contrast Essay – we are doing the tasks above instead of writing the comparison/ contrast essay.

Some important points about writing an Argument Essay:

What does an argument essay do?

You choose a controversial topic and choose a research question about that topic to guide you in your research about that topic. Next, find information about that controversial topic. The info should help you answer your research question.

You make a case for your viewpoint of the question.

You also include a counterargument (find the strongest argument against your point of view), then you come back with your own argument (this is called a refutation).

The point of this essay is to use a clear structure, strong thesis statement, and credible articles from websites and from the B/C library databases  to convince your reader of your viewpoint on a controversial topic.

Choose one of the topics below:

  1. Should landlords be allowed to charge whatever they want to for rent?
  2. Should people be allowed to post anything at all on Tic Toc?
  3. Should smoking be banned everywhere?
  4. Should graffiti be considered art or vandalism?
  5. Should Florida raise the gun ownership age to a minimum of 25?
  6. What should be the parental responsibility of parents for children who shoot or kill people with guns?
  7. To what extent should NATO countries be involved in the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The last two topics are coming soon! I


Understanding the Argument Essay:

 Topic must be a: Controversial issue that involves large numbers of people

Minimum 4 pages long

Must be on one of the topics on this page  or topic approved by me

Must include information from 2 web sites and two databases from the BC library

Must include a counterargument

Must have a works cited page with the sources that you will use

Must include quotation marks around information taken word for word from a source, plus author’s name in paper.

Due date upcoming!

Next week:Library orientation and search for sources

Credit given to sources IN paper AND on works cited page. 2 places in the paper.