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ENC 1101 - Prof. Carolyn Barr

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Paper #3: Using Research to Support an Argument about a Social Issue

LENGTH: 4-5 pages (Works Cited not included in length count)

You will write a 4 to 5 page essay in which you explore an issue presented this semester in order to make the appropriate connections for your own position on a single controversial, arguable issue that was addressed in a few readings covered this semester. 

The goal of the argument presented within your rhetorical analysis is not to debate pro and con, rehash old arguments, or to ridicule those who disagree with you. Instead, academic argument combines truth seeking and persuasion. A strong academic argument considers all the available information and views, realizing that the truth may lie somewhere between two established positions or within a third undiscovered position.

In this essay, you will take a stand on an issue, offer reasons and evidence in support of your position, summarize and respond to alternative views in order to bring your reader to a logical conclusion.

The quality of your research will be integral to the quality of your essay in using both the material we covered as well as sources you find outside of class. 

Remember, quality research is defined as such: well-documented information that is framed to the audience properly (in this case, in the form of a classical argument) and responsibly by using quotes, paraphrasing, and summation.  

While interviews and observations are welcome in the research process, for this essay, they are not necessary. Make sure you review the lessons on avoiding plagiarism and on the correct use of MLA citation style included within this course in order to prepare for this assignment.

You will be required to incorporate and properly cite at least FOUR Research Sources for this essay broken down as follows:

  1. Incorporate at least one argument explored within an essay we covered this semester from our textbook Rereading America

  2. Use at least three academic research sources for this essay (periodicals, journals, books, and databases) which support your claim.

a. If possible, seek to include a current event article published within the last 12 months in a credible news source which highlights the issue found in society in order to demonstrate the timeliness of the issue.

You may choose a topic that relates to a theme we covered this term.  Below are a list of areas you may explore, or you may select another of your choosing with permission of your instructor.

Consult the Outline Worksheet for Essay #3 for details on how to organize this paper.

The Writing Process

To begin your thought process for this essay, and to find a suitable topic, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What issue found in society deserves an argument made for it?
  • What is an issue I would like to learn more about in order to become better informed?
  • What issues matter to my audience, in addition to myself? (Your audience being your peers and instructor)
  • What is a timely, complicated, and controversial topic relating to the themes we've covered in this unit (see above)?

Once you begin the writing process, please keep in mind these assignments for the unit:

  1. MANDATORY: Submit the Outline Worksheet in the Assignments section of the course. This worksheet can be found in the Assignments tool and the Learning Unit #4 folder as a Microsoft Word document that you can download. It asks you to develop your thesis statement as well as the topic sentences for your body paragraphs. After you submit this completed worksheet, I will reply to you with feedback on your thesis & topic sentences and specific suggestions as to how these might be revised to more successfully craft a quality paper.
  2. OPTIONAL: Submit a 1st draft to the online tutoring site   – Online Tutoring Services - 24/7 access for most academic subjects through your D2L page account.  This draft should be your best attempt at the completed paper, not a "sloppy copy" or an incomplete paper. Instead, seek to develop your very best version of the paper at that point, complete with proper proofreading and editing. You may expect the tutor's online feedback within 24-48 hours; use those observations to improve the paper for the final version.
  3. Submit the final draft of Paper #3 in the Assignments section of the course.

On your Outline Worksheet you will receive feedback and a grade that indicates credit for submitting the assignment. However, the grade is ultimately of less importance. Instead, the FEEDBACK provided by your instructor is of ultimate importance. Utilize this feedback to proceed in the writing process in order to develop a quality first and final draft that will earn a successful grade.

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