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Information Literacy

IL in Any Classroom

Information Literacy is one of the six competencies outlined by Broward College's General Education Task Force that establishes "a foundation of the learning outcomes in our courses".

Information literacy is a cross-curricular, interdisciplinary set of skills that can be easily woven into the fabric of all courses. Incorporating exercises into your existing course outlines can be seamless.

Rubric for General Education

General Education Rubric

Competency: Information Literacy

Definition: The set of integrated abilities encompassing the discovery of information, understanding how it is produced, and its use in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning.

The attached rubric will be used to measure students’ information literacy skills in humanities and communications courses as part of Broward College’s general education assessment process. A faculty member may use any one class assignment for this assessment, so long as the assignment selected allows for an accurate measurement of at least one of the information literacy outcomes included in the rubric below.

Broward College faculty librarians developed this rubric through a rigorous authoring and norming process. Revisions were made in consultation with faculty members on the College Assessment Team for Student Success.