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NUR 1020 - Prof. Harris-Smith: Websites

An introduction to the nursing resources

Evaluating Websites

When searched thoroughly, the Internet can be a good resource. It contains millions of websites and government documents dedicated to nursing and health-related topics. Use the Internet:
  • to find current news and information
  • to find information from all levels of government
  • to find both expert and popular opinions
However assessing the accuracy or credibility of the content can be challenging. Here are some basic tips on evaluating a website:

♦ What does the domain name tell you? 

  • .gov indicates it's a government website (
  • .edu is for educational or college/university websites (
  • .org is for non-profits ( In general, these are fairly reliable websites. However, some may contain biased or one-sided content, so be selective in your research.
  • Websites that have a country code at the end .uk and .au for example, are not strictly regulated and should be evaluated further.

♦ How current is the information? Are you able to locate a date? When was the information last updated? Currency is very important, particularly when looking for statistical information or recent studies on a topic.

♦ Who authored the website/page?  If there isn't an author, is there a company/organization listed? Is there contact information? If no one listed that takes responsibility for the page, you may want take that into consideration.