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Source Analysis Essay


Assignment Description:

The Source Analysis Essay will examine two  articles on the same subject with differing, or preferably, opposing viewpoints. Your essay will examine the rhetorical strategies used and and will determine which viewpoint is most effectively portrayed. The essay should be a minimum of 2 to 3 pages and include two sources.

Assignment Outcomes:

The Source Analysis Essay should demonstrate your ability to analyze rhetorical strategies and an understanding of MLA format and citation.

Write an essay in which you analyze these articles, putting them into conversation with each other with what you know about effective writing. Evaluate the way these authors go about their inquiry, and how effectively their texts achieve their purposes with their intended audiences. You should use quotations from these texts to back up your assertions about them. By the end of the essay, you should state definitively which text is more rhetorically effective and why.

What the Essay Should NOT Do: 

The Source Analysis Essay should not summarize the articles. Summary may be necessary in service to a point you are making, but essays that rely on summary will not be successful. Look at the component elements of the arguments presented and analyze their impact on the overall effectiveness.

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