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E-Resources Announcements


JSTOR - Content Update - 10/4/2023


JSTOR now offers audio recordings including interviews, speeches, oral histories, musical performances, and more.

Features include:

•    Auto-generated transcripts with clickable timestamps
•    Discoverability on JSTOR and in Google
•    Mobile-optimized design
•    Robust playback options
•    Support for mp3 downloads


EBSCO - New EBSCOhost Databases Interface - 9/14/2023

EBSCO is redesigning the EBSCOhost experience and user interface to meet ever-evolving user expectations for accessing, searching, choosing and using the library’s resources. We are introducing many new features including personalized dashboards, new ways to share and like resources, reading eBooks, and much more.  

The redesigned UI presents users with new, intuitive ways to refine, navigate, like and share search results. In addition, we have introduced a Concept Map, a visual representation of related subjects and concepts for users to further explore research areas of interest.

For more information, please chlick here:

(Launch date is pending).


MLA Handbook Plus - September Updates - 9/13/2023

Updates to the MLA Handbook Plus site:

  • A ten-part, step-by-step course on quoting and paraphrasing, with quizzes to reinforce learning
  • A course on using the MLA practice template to create works-cited-list entries, with a final quiz
  • More than one hundred brand-new entries added to “Citation Examples” (appendix 2), many for works in languages other than English
  • Five new annotated papers added to “Sample Papers in MLA Style” (appendix 4)
  • The designation “foreign language” replaced with “language other than English” and, in relevant contexts, “non-English language”
  • New and expanded guidance on the following topics:
    • formatting headings (1.5), tables and illustrations (1.7), lists (1.10), glossaries (1.17), and appendixes (1.18–1.26) in research papers
    • capitalizing acronyms (2.65)
    • capitalizing abbreviations in titles (2.90)
    • translating titles (2.98, 2.125, 5.30)
    • styling ordinal numbers and numbers that designate ages (2.127)
    • styling months in the Publication Date element (5.77)
    • formatting quotations of song lyrics (6.37, 6.38)
    • avoiding citations in headings (6.43)
    • using notes to provide original publication information (7.1)
    • using more than one note in a sentence (7.4)

This information is also posted on their website:


Springshare - New & Improved A-Z Databases List - 6/23/2023

The new A-Z module brings all LibGuides subscribers a more powerful and flexible A-Z resource management tool complete with a fully refreshed look-and-feel and exciting features to help patrons access their library’s online resources.

Coming in June, key updates to the A-Z List module include:

  • Dedicated database landing pages to share documentation and tutorials tailored to that resource (and it’s great for SEO!).
  • Expanded field support with full rich text editing capabilities.
  • Ability to customize the display order for librarian-curated "Best Bets."
  • Custom flags, in addition to the standard "New", "Trial", and "Popular."
  • A card-style layout for a clean and efficient look that works great on mobile.
  • "Access issue alert" feature to inform patrons of any access issues for a particular database.

These features will not be available unless we opt-in.


GALE - Gale eBooks Improved Search and Navigation - 6/21/2023

Gale eBooks will be updated with new and improved functionality to make it an even more intuitive experience.

Preview product enhancements:
•    Publication Date Filter: Sort search results by relevance and use the Publication Date Filter to narrow results.
•    Default Text View Functionality: Navigate directly to the text view of an article any time you click on the corresponding cover image from the search results page.
•    Default Spanish Bookshelf: Find your Spanish language titles compiled in the new Default Spanish Bookshelf.
•    Preview and Next Buttons: Explore more easily with additional “Previous” & “Next” buttons at the top of the text view.
•    “Purchase eBooks” Button: Users with the Librarian Login credentials can access a “Purchase eBooks” button near the top right-hand side of the screen.


STATISTA - New Search Enhancements June 2023 - 5/26/2023
Update: The new search release date has been postponed to July 3rd.

Two major changes in the search front and backend allow for a more seamless user experience and accurate search results.  On the backend, Statista has implemented the latest search technology which offers enriched functionality, simplified maintenance, and robust security measures to provide our users with more precise search results.

The revamped search interface is designed to provide a seamless and efficient user experience, ensuring that users find relevant content with ease and without unnecessary distractions. Features include:

•    Tag cloud
•    Regional boost
•    Related topic suggestions

Users will be able to revert to the old search by toggling off the option that will appear above the search refinement options.  The choice will be retained for each user for one month unless the cache is cleaned.

statista search results refine and sort seach facets

While the new search won’t launch until May 30th, you can test out the new search interface now by accessing Statista without being authenticated.


CQ RESEARCHER - New Platform Summer 2023 - 5/17/2023

CQ Research will be moving to a new platform July 2023. It will offer the enhanced features below:

  • Streamlined display and refreshed content pages to reduce complexity and focus on the essential information in the right context.
  • New homepage that showcases essential report information, quick access to content, and a refreshed presentation.
  • Improved accessibility, inclusive design, improved navigation, cross product discovery and improvements to the overall user experience.
  • Improved search capabilities and enhanced platform discovery.

For more information, please click here.

ARTSTOR - Website retiring in 2024 - 1/25/2023

Chart with ARTSTOR to JSTOR Timeline
Artstor's website will be retiring and its content, key resources, and functionality will be made available in JSTOR.  Artstor plans to retire its website August 1st, 2024 and all users will be redirected to JSTOR.



GALE - Business Insights: Essentials Migration, Name Change & Enhancements - September 2022
Enhancements are now live as of December 16th, 2022.

GALE is planning to retire the current version of Business Insights: Essentials to Gale Business: Insights this coming December 2022. Users will be able to preview the new platform in October 2022.

Changes and enhancements include:

Enhanced navigation — Easy access to desired information while offering additional context and pathways for deeper understanding of complex business concepts. Gale Business: Insights presents company, industry, and company content in hubs designed by and for business students. Deep links help researchers navigate throughout the extensive content that is available.

Streamlined user interface — Consistent with other Gale products, this will deliver an engaging experience that allows quick access to search tools; relevant content; and collaborative features, like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Improved accessibility — Maintained for web accessibility standards to ensure access by users of all abilities.

Libraries migrating from Gale Business Insights: Essentials will enjoy new functionality and added material allowing users to compare countries on numerous World Bank Indicators including GDP, GNI, and Population. Plus, more than 500 new titles, as well as Gale’s case study collection and country overviews, have been added to the resource.

Plus, users will now have access to additional tools and functionality, such as:

  • Updated language translation and citation tools
  • Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive integration
  • Easy integration into discovery services, courseware, and management systems

Preview of the new interface:

Gale Business: Insights new interface

Gale Business: Insights new interface


GALE - National Geographic Virtual Library Enhancements - June 2022

Enhancements are now live as of July 29th, 2022.

Gale will release enhancements to the National Geographic Virtual Library database. Enhancements include:

Enhanced Advanced Search
The new Advanced Search interface will provide useful tips and information to meet researchers where they are and help them get the most out of their search experience. The interface includes a detailed Search Tips section as well as labels and tool tips that describe each search field and limiter.

Improved Accessibility
Maintained for web accessibility standards, this improvement will ensure access by users of all abilities.

Streamlined User Interface
Consistent with other Gale products, this enhancement will deliver an engaging experience that allows quick access to search tools and relevant content.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Panel
As a new option in the Explore Panel when you access a document, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature allows you to see the machine-converted version of the text in an article.

Screenshot of National Geographic Virtual Library Database


ProQuest - Database Enhancements - 12/13/2021

ProQuest has released enhancements to their databases. These enhancements include:

  • support users to more easily find options that help them navigate their way throughout the site
  • optimize the user experience when viewing documents to help researchers more easily utilize full-text content and understand and access important options available when interacting with documents

Enhancements are further broken down below:

Main Navigation: The main navigation menu (top left “hamburger menu”) has been enhanced to assist users to more quickly and easily access options that help them navigate their way throughout the site.

  • To better align with preferred workflows of researchers, the main menu has been revised to include options to search and browse the ProQuest platform in addition to the existing links for information about ProQuest as an organization.
  • Users have a simplified view to help them get to where they want to be in the platform, with the location and placement of core search and browse options now aligning to where users expect to find them.
  • Consolidation of options into the main menu frees up space on each page—putting better focus on core functions and the content of each respective page.

Document pages have been optimized to help researchers more easily consume both the full-text information contained within a given document, as well as the options available for interacting with documents. These changes to the document layout apply broadly across the majority of source types in the platform, with a few exceptions including books, video and literary works which are not being changed at this time.

Streamlined Document Pages: The document page template has been revised to put more focus on the content and text, maximizing the “space” for viewing the document text and options, with less scrolling for users. Additionally, streamlined document pages now help make database names more apparent, supporting students and researchers who are often given assignments to use specific research databases.

Search Improvements on Document Pages: Search options have been moved to the main navigation header, allowing a user to search either within the selected database(s) or more widely across all available databases. If a user has arrived on the document page from a location outside the ProQuest platform, this search field will be visible by default. For users who are searching directly within the platform and have arrived on the document page, this search field will not be visible, but can be accessed by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

Updated Document View & Navigation: Improvements have been implemented to better align the document user experience to how users prefer to interact with the content.

  • On the document page, the “document navigation” has been moved to the left and better highlighted to focus on references and citations in a clear and intuitive way, helping users more easily identify and navigate options available for a document.
  • A notable emphasis is placed on the “Cited by” area of the document page to help highlight this key information which puts individual documents within the context of other closely related research, including items that build on the original document.
  • The Document Navigation is now “sticky” and follows the user as they scroll on the page. This helps users more efficiently navigate the document and offers context and options around the document at the point of use instead of options being out-of-sight at the top of the page.

Please visit ProQuest's update page for more information.


JSTOR - Artsor Images now available on JSTOR - 10/27/2021

JSTOR is a growing digital library that includes multiple types and formats of content. In 2021 we launched a project to bring Artstor to JSTOR, to create a robust platform for discovering and working with both text and images. Throughout 2021 and into 2022, images from Artstor collections are being added to JSTOR, and JSTOR platform features and functionality are evolving to support work with multiple formats of research materials.

Key things to know:

  • Artstor collections are being added to JSTOR - about 95% of the licensed Artstor collections are now visible on JSTOR as of June 2021.
  • JSTOR features and functionality are evolving to support research and teaching with multiple content types, including images.
  • The Artstor Digital Library ( will be supported at least through the 2021-2022 academic year. Faculty and students can be confident in using the Artstor platform for teaching and research during this time.
  • Access to licensed Artstor collections requires a subscription, but 500,000 open Artstor images are freely available on JSTOR.

For more information, please visit JSTOR's libguide regarding Artstor on JSTOR:


Infobase - Issues & Controversies - 10/25/2021

Issues & Controversies new platform is live. Please see updates below:


  • Improved responsive design—optimized for computer, tablet, and mobile
  • Improved home page design based on customer feedback
  • Improved page tool functionality
  • Access the database’s rich resources from every page using the top-left drop-down menu—Pro/Con Articles, Issues, Videos, Court Cases, Bill of Rights in Debate, and more key content is always at your fingertips
  • Dynamic citation options now include NoodleTools export functionality for all records
  • Improved Bill of Rights section, including new overview intro and linked articles 
  • Plus, a wealth of new content!


Infobase - Issues & Controversies - 10/8/2021

Issues & Controversies will migrate to a new platform on October 21st. To test out the new beta site, please visit the following link:

Please contact Lynette Vargas ( for login credentials to the beta site. 

Below is a preview of the new Issues & Controversies homepage:

issues and controversies database homepage


Artstor - OpenAthens URL - 8/24/2021

The URL for Artstor has been updated. Please note with this URL change from EZ Proxy to OpenAthens, users will have to create an individual account to access all of the content available in Artstor.


NewsBank - Collection Updates - 2/15/2021

NewsBank has made the following name changes to the following collections:

Our A-Z Databases page has been updated to reflect these changes and the URLs have also been updated as well.


A-Z Databases Links - Athenized Updates - 9/23/2020

The following link on our A-Z Databases page has been athenized:


Gale - Product Name Change & Enhanced Platform - 9/17/2020

Gale’s Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC) will have a new name: Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep and have a homepage redesign to align with previous Gale product enhancements.

Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep will have the same content as TERC:  test prep; college planning; financial aid tools; international tools, including U.S. citizen tests, and career development tools, such as the VisualCV Resume Creator and Virtual Career Library, to assist users in the career development process.

This change will happen at the end of September. More information can be found here: Gale Blog.


Gale - Product Enhancement & APA 7 - 9/14/2020

 Gale Literary Index will receive the following product enhancements on Friday, September 25, 2020:

  • Complete design upgrade: a streamlined user interface aligned with recent product enhancements across Gale’s Literature resources.
  • Integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools: enable users to easily share, save, and download content, bringing this product in line with Gale’s other Literature products.
  • Increased Accessibility: removes elements that created barriers to accessibility and better enables site for impaired users by adding text to speech, adjustable text size, and more.
  • Secure product access: HTTPS protocol is used to ensure that data between a patron’s browser and Gale products is encrypted and the right to privacy for library users is protected.

Also, Gale has updated their citation tool to have APA 7 available.


A-Z Databases Links - Athenized Updates - 9/11/2020

The following links on our A-Z Databases page have been athenized:


A-Z Databases Links - Athenized Updates - 9/4/2020

The following links on our A-Z Databases page have been athenized:


Swank Digital Campus - Updated platform and enhancements - 7/24/2020
Swank Digital Campus' new interface will go live Tuesday, July 28th, 2020. 
Please see a demo of the new interface here.


Swank Digital Campus - Updated platform and enhancements - 7/16/2020

Along with a new look and feel, additional updates include:

  • Streamlined instructor access
  • Instructor and admin dashboard providing insight into newly available and trending films
  • More efficient search functionality
  • Enhanced accessibility functionality

Swank is planning to go live the last week of July.


Drama Online (Bloomsbury) - New platform and enhancements - 6/18/2020

Drama Online will move to a new platform in early July 2020. 

Users will be able to access all the same high-quality content as before but will benefit from an improved user experience including:

  • Improved search and navigation with intuitive search filters that can easily be combined
  • Better browsing experience with mixed content curated collections and browsing by content type
  • Greater discoverability and ease of use of Character Grid and play tools
  • Unsubscribed content will be hidden by default
  • A new toolbar will allow users to show or hide any notes, commentary and line numbers in the text for quick and easy reference
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly interface

Access to Drama Online will continue to run in the same way, but some things to note if you have a personal account, searches, bookmarks, or history, will not be saved. If you plan to save URLs from your personal account you must do so by Friday, July 3rd.

For more information, please click here.


Films on Demand (Infobase) - New URL - 4/1/2020

Due to a recent issue with accessing embedded videos within D2L, Infobase has released a new URL to access Films on Demand. Please use this URL: when accessing Films on Demand to ensure the right embed code is being used in D2L.

Our A-Z Databases page has been updated to reflect this change.


Films on Demand (Infobase) - Mobile App - 3/27/2020

Infobase has released a mobile app for Films on Demand. It’s available now for both iOS and Android devices.
The app provides users with immediate access to more than 40,000 streaming videos wherever they are. Please note that users must sign in with a Films on Demand user account.

To create an account:

  • Access the Films on Demand platform.
  • Click on Your Profile on the top right-hand corner:
    • Films on Demand database homepage with sign in men
  • Click on New user? Sign up, and fill out the form to create an account.

To login the app:

  • Open the app.
  • Enter your login information:
    • Films on Demand Mobile App Login screen
  • Once you are logged in, you are able to search, browse by subjects or producers, access your favorites and playlists, and access account settings:
    • Films on Demand Mobile app homescreen

For more information, please view their press release here.


PsycARTICLES - Name change - 1/30/2020

PsycARTICLES is now APA PsycArticles, this name change is reflected on our A-Z Databases list.


ACM Digital Library - New platform - 1/28/2020

ACM Digital Library launched its new platform on January 1, 2020. The new platform features an improved advanced search functionality, the ability to create binders, and many other usability enhancements. To view a demo of the new platform, please click here. For more information, please click here.



Drama Online (Bloomsbury Publishing, Inc.) - Upcoming enhancements - 12/11/2019

Drama Online will undergo a series of enhancements this upcoming Summer in 2020. Please see below for a list of the new features and benefits:

  • Improved search and navigation with intuitive search filters that can easily be combined
  • Better browsing experience with mixed content curated collections and browsing by content type
  • Greater discoverability for Character Grid and play tools
  • Unsubscribed content will be hidden by default
  • A new toolbar will allow users to show or hide any notes, commentary and line numbers in the text for quick and easy reference
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly interface


PubMed - Upcoming Interface Update - 12/11/2019

PubMed will be migrating to a new platform next year January 2020. The new platform will have a responsive layout to better support a wide range of mobile devices and tablets and will feature an improved search enhancement.

The new platform is available to try here and more information on the upcoming update can be found here (PowerPoint slides).


GALE - Upcoming enhancements and name changes - 12/11/2019

Below are resources that will migrate to Gale's new platform on December 20th, 2019.

Directory of Literary Biography Gale Literature: Dictionary of Literary Biography December 20th, 2019
Gale Directory Library     December 20th, 2019
Gale Literary Sources Gale Literature December 20th, 2019
LitFinder Gale Literature: LitFinder December 20th, 2019
Literature Criticism Online Gale Literature Criticism December 20th, 2019
Something About the Author Online Gale Literature: Something About the Author December 20th, 2019


EBSCO - EBSCOhost Video Player - 10/24/2019

EBSCO is updating their video player on or after 11/5/2019. For more information, please click here.

Preview of enhanced video player is below:

Image of EBSCO search results with videos


EBSCO - EBSCOhost Integrated Search - 10/18/2019

EBSCO will be decommissioning EBSCOhost Integrated Search on 12/31/2019. For more information on the Integrated Search feature, please click here.


GALE - Upcoming enhancements and name changes - 09/17/2019

Below are a few resources that will be upgraded to the new enhanced user interface and receive an updated product name. The updates are expected to launch in Winter 2019.





Dictionary of Literary Biography

Winter 2019

Gale Literary Sources

Winter 2019


Winter 2019

Literature Criticism Online

Winter 2019

Literature Resource Center

Winter 2019

Something About the Author Online

Winter 2019


GALE - Gale Virtual Reference Library - 09/17/2019

As part of the new enhancements Gale has been rolling out, Gale Virtual Reference Library is now Gale eBooks. The name change has been reflected on our A-Z Databases page. The interface has been updated as well.  For a full list of what was changed, see the product update.


World Book Online - Hispánica Saber: Gran Enciclopedia - 09/11/2019

Hispánica Saber: Gran Enciclopedia Hispánica is now Banco de contenidos aulaPlaneta. The platform has been enhanced and a video tutorial on how to use this resource is available here.

Description: Banco de contenidos aulaPlaneta is a comprehensive Spanish-language database designed for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and ESL/ELL program participants. From the world’s largest and most respected Spanish-language publishers, aulaPlaneta includes more than 140,000 articles, 8,000 web links to additional information, and 9,000 images, videos, animations, sounds, and interactive media.

More information can be found here.


GALE - Books & Authors - 08/23/2019

As part of the new enhancements Gale has been rolling out, Books & Authors is now Gale Books and Authors. The name change has been reflected on our A-Z Databases page. The interface has been updated as well. For a full list of what was changed, see the product update.


GALE - New user interface and modified name changes - 07/26/2019

New user interface and modified name changes are now live (please see table in previous post for list of modified names). All of the resources were also updated with an enhanced user interface (except for Gale Business: DemographicsNow). Our A-Z Databases page has been updated to reflect this change.

For an overview of the product enhancements, please click here: There will be more updates in late August and in Winter.


GALE - Upcoming enhancements and product name changes - 07/22/2019

This Friday, July 26th, Gale will launch their enhanced user interface for several of their products. Also, some products will have an updated name.

For a complete list of all products that will receive an enhanced user interface and modified product name, see table below:





Academic OneFile



Gale Academic OneFile

Biography In Context



Gale In Context: Biography

Business Collection



Gale OneFile: Business

Communication & Mass Media Complete Collection



Gale OneFile: Communications and Mass Media

Computer Database



Gale OneFile: Computer Science

Criminal Justice Collection



Gale OneFile: Criminal Justice




Gale Business: DemographicsNow

Diversity Studies Collection



Gale OneFile: Diversity Studies

Educators Reference Complete



Gale OneFile: Educator's Reference Complete

Environmental Studies and Policy Collection



Gale OneFile: Environmental Studies and Policy

Expanded Academic ASAP



Gale Academic OneFile Select

Gardening, Landscape & Horticulture Collection



Gale OneFile: Gardening and Horticulture

Gender Studies Collection



Gale OneFile: Gender Studies

General OneFile



Gale General OneFile

General Science Collection



Gale OneFile: Science

Health Reference Center Academic



Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine

Health and Wellness Resource Center



Gale Health and Wellness

Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection



Gale OneFile: Hospitality and Tourism

Information Science & Library Issues Collection



Gale OneFile: Information Science

Informe Académico



Gale OneFile: Informe Académico

Military and Intelligence Database



Gale OneFile: Military and Intelligence

Opposing Viewpoints In Context



Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Popular Culture Collection



Gale OneFile: Pop Culture Studies

Religion and Philosophy Collection



Gale OneFile: Religion and Philosophy

Small Business Collection



Gale OneFile: Entrepreneurship

Small Business Resource Center



Gale Business: Entrepreneurship

U.S. History Collection



Gale OneFile: U.S. History

Vocation and Careers Collection



Gale OneFile: Vocations and Careers

World History Collection



Gale OneFile: World History


For a preview of the enhanced user interface, click here:


GALE - Upcoming enhancements - 07/02/2019

On July 26, 2019, Gale will release the first in a series of experience and design changes across its portfolio of products. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Smarter search results
  • User-preferred interface
  • Enhanced accessibility features
  • Concise product names

These product enhancements are designed to increase access to library resources online and in the classroom, allowing a greater impact on user success.

Visit for more information.


Books & Authors (Gale) - Product enhancements - 07/02/2019

On August 23, 2019, the current version of Books & Authors will be going away to welcome a new design and functionality upgrades. The enhancements—including discontinuing a few features—are based on providing a better user experience and maintaining accessibility standards.

What do these changes mean for you?

Users will enjoy a streamlined user interface, enhanced search experience, and secure product access via https. For a full list of what’s changing, see the product update.

What do you need to do?

To make way for functionality improvements, the My Reading Room feature is being discontinued. Users will need to download and store their saved lists in another location by August 22, 2019, to avoid any loss of data. In the future, users can share, save, and download content via integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools.

-- - New platform - 05/14/2019 is now LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand learning solution designed to help you gain new skills and advance your career. With LinkedIn Learning you get to choose from more than 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative and technology topics, explore the most-in-demand skills based on your experience. You can learn from expert instructors, access courses on your schedule, from any desktop or mobile device, and reinforce new knowledge with quizzes, exercise files, and coding practice windows. Log in to BC One Access and click on the LinkedIn Learning tile.


Safari - New platform - 05/09/2019

Safari has a new interface called O'Reilly Online Learning. The platform includes more than 35K book titles plus 30K+ hours of video, proven learning paths, case studies, interactive tutorials, audio books, and videos from O’Reilly's global conferences covering many subjects including business, math, science, and engineering. O'Reilly Online Learning supports an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

More information can be found here.


GALE - Upcoming enhancements (Summer) - 05/03/2019

Gale will release an enhanced user experience across our most-used resources starting this summer. Such as:

  • Enhanced product platform—Provides a unified experience across Gale products for you and your users.
    Gale - Academic OneFile Database Homepage
  • Upgraded search results—Highlights important evaluative information to support successful user outcomes and help users discover relevant content.
    Gale - Academic OneFile search results webpage
  • Streamlined user interface—Delivers an engaging experience that allows quick access to search tools, relevant content, prominent library co-branding, and collaborative features like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Concise product names—Presents a greater understanding of Gale products, what they do, and how they’re used to empower learning.
  • Secure product access—Requires the use of HTTPS protocol to ensure that data between a patron’s browser and Gale products is encrypted, and the right to privacy for library users is protected.

For a preview of what is to come, please click here.
More information can be found here.


American History Online (Infobase) - Content update - 04/30/2019
American History Online has a new Themes in U.S. History section. 

An important tool in organizing and understanding history is thinking about themes, or unifying threads, that drove American political, cultural, and social development. The new Themes in U.S. History section explores 26 major themes in American history, century by century. Organized around such critical subjects as agriculture, demographics, economics, daily life, government, religion, science and technology, war, and women, the essays trace the progress of human history since the 1500s in what would become the United States.

Themes in U.S. History, which can be accessed under Browse Resources (please see screenshot below), fosters critical conceptual thinking, allowing students to focus on a particular theme in one era and then examine that theme across the full reach of American history. Discussion questions for each theme encourage students to think critically.

American History Online Homepage pointing out Themes in U.S. History link

-- - Upgrade - 04/18/2019 is upgrading to LinkedIn Learning on May 10, 2019. It will have all the same content, plus new videos monthly. The interface has been improved and is easy to use and single sign on is available via Broward College One Access. You are also able to connect with your LinkedIn profile (optional).

More information here.


Alexander Street Press Collections (ProQuest) - Update - 04/15/2019

Alexander Street Collections has been hidden from our A-Z Databases page. The reason for this, is because there is currently a slideshow banner that is linking to sample content that we do not have access to and is causing some confusion. However, all of our Alexander Street Press collections are still accessible in our A-Z Databases page by sorting the databases by Vendor/Providers. Please see screenshot below:

Screenshot of A-Z Databases page highlighting where to sort by vendor for Alexander Street Press


Issues & Controversies (Infobase) - Content update - 04/11/2019
New QuickTake videos produced by Bloomberg is now available.

These 19 short overview videos (with more coming soon!) cover major topics such as immigration, climate change, marijuana legalization, the opioid crisis, and e-cigarettes in an engaging and accessible way. Each video features a searchable transcript. 

The new QuickTake videos include:

  • Cyberwar Is More Common Than You Think
  • Guns in America
  • How America's Opioid Crisis Spiraled Out of Control
  • The Global Debate over Asylum
  • The Millennial Generation
  • And more!

Users can access these new videos via the “Resources” drop-down menu on the home page or under the “Media” tab for relevant articles.


Films on Demand (Infobase) - New platform - 02/7/2019

Films on Demand will be relaunching on Friday, February 15, 2019. Below are a few highlights:

  • Appealing new, user-friendly design
  • Improved top menu navigation
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Greater customization of the home page—build your own sliders!
  • Curated content in new, high-interest categories that make videos easier to find
  • Larger video player on title detail pages
  • New featured series pages that highlight selected content
  • Improved calendar feature
  • Improved search results—select multiple filters for more targeted results, plus infinite scrolling
  • New toggle to switch between dark and white mode
  • Now uses HTTPS to help protect the security and privacy of our users


Alexander Street Press - 10/18/2018

The following collections from Alexander Street Press have moved to the new Alexander Street platform. The URLs have been replaced in A-Z Databases and it is now directing to the new platform.

Asian American Drama
Black Drama
North American Indian Drama
North American Women’s Drama
Twentieth Century North American Drama



Women and Social Movements in the United States,1600-2000 - ASP - 07/26/2018

Women and Social Movements in the United States,1600-2000 has moved to the new Alexander Street platform. The URL has been replaced in A-Z Databases and it is now directing to the new platform.

From ASP, a ProQuest Company:
We are thrilled to announce that Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000 is moving to a new home on the Alexander Street platform. This exciting move will allow us to continue bringing you bi-annual content updates, while offering more flexibility to enhance the collection with new types of content in the future, such as video and audio. (05/30/2018)
ASP will maintain access to the current legacy platform until December 31, 2018. After that date, the legacy site will be decommissioned.


ProQuestUpcoming Enhancements - 07/25/2018

Note: this upgrade will not affect Ebook Central authentication, interface, or searching.   But, it will affect these databases:

- US Newsstream

- Criminal Justice Database

- Nursing and Allied Health Database

The July 26, 2018 ProQuest platform release will introduce redesigned basic search and search results pages. These improvements will put more emphasis on source types to help researchers retrieve more relevant results from across the platform. Here’s a summary of the enhancements planned for this release:

-Basic Search page

-Search results page

Upcoming ProQuest enhancements.


Experience from the field: programming in a joint-use partnership library - 05/15/2018

A new article was published on The Reference Librarian and online on Taylor & Francis Online by Christopher Jordan, Victor Lawrence, and Cristy Moran.   Congratulations!


Librarians of the joint-use North Regional/Broward College (NR/BC) Library had sought opportunities to collaborate. Historically, challenges have arisen in programming for two distinct populations: seniors for the public library and the college library’s students. In recent years, the library successfully capitalized on organizational changes and nationwide attention to media literacy and social justice to create and deliver several well-received collaborations. This article describes the environment in which these initiatives developed and provides tips on collaborations in- and out-side joint-use libraries. This article also addresses the dearth of professional literature on programming advantages in joint-use libraries.

Pages: 1-12 

DOI: 10.1080/02763877.2018.1472717






Safari - 02/26/2018   (Still waiting for some features to be added to A-Z Databases.)

Safari has a new and enhanced platform and now includes, eBooks, videos, tutorials, cases, and with unlimited user access.

Direct link:


The new Safari provides access to thousands of eBooks, videos, online tutorials, and cases. It is a comprehensive resource for answers and research.  It includes personalized recommendations for discovery based on your specific interests and favorite topics. 



Wiley Online Library - 02/23/2018

Wiley Online Library successfully migrated to a new platform. 


Willey Online Library is migrating to a new platform -  01/18/2018

An Advanced Platform for Advanced Research.  Wiley Online Library is Migrating to Atypon's Literatum Platform.  

The new Wiley Online Library platform will provide libraries with a powerful and comprehensive set of capabilities to help you promote the usage of digital resources.

This seamless shift to the new platform will help you promote your brand, connect users to the right digital resources, and bring value to searchable content more effectively than we’ve been able to do in the past.

What you’ll notice in the new Wiley Online Library?

  • Deeper, more intuitive access to relevant online resources
  • A more fluid platform experience
  • Continuity and a seamless migration

Visit our website to learn more about the exciting changes coming to Wiley Online Library, and discover resources to help you with the move. 

Wiley Online Library - General FAQ.

(Source: Email from Wiley: Wiley Online Library is migrating to a new platform, 01/19/2018)





Oxford Art Online (Oxford University Press) - 12/08/2017 

Oxford Art Online  (Grove Art Online) successfully migrated to a new platform on December 8, 2017.
Read about What's New.

Note: Oxford Art Online (Statewide Allocation) includes access to Grove Art Online, but does not include access to the Benezit Dictionary of Artists.  Articles from Benezit are with a lock icon. That collection requires a separate subscription or purchase.  Oxford will not remove the link.


Duke University Press Platform Migration  - 11/27/2017

eDuke Books Scholarly Collection successfully migrated to a new platform on November 20, 2017.



Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation 

Newsletter, LATE OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2017 -  10/26/17

ILS Implementation / Status Updates.






Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation 

FALSC Update from the Executive Director, October 2017 - 10/11/17

Newsletter, LATE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 -  09/28/17

ILS Implementation / Status Updates.



Ebook Central (ProQuest) - widget  - 08/26/2017

An Ebook Central search widget is now available in LibGuides: A Research Resources: Research Resources.





Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation 

FALSC Update from the Executive Director, September 2017 - 08/31/17

Newsletter, LATE AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2017 -  08/24/17

ILS Implementation / Status Updates.


Testing & Education Reference Center  (Gale) - 08/15/2017

Beginning on August 22, 2017, Testing & Education Reference Center users will experience a new interface that’s easy to navigate, offers multiple access points to content, and is uniform across the general site, online courses, and practice tests. Best of all, the resource is now optimized for any screen size and on any device.

Additionally, students and patrons will welcome the new and updated content, such as:

New ACT eBook
HiSET Practice Test
Master Military Flight Aptitude Test (this replaces the Officer Candidate book)
Master Catholic 2018 Test
Master DSST Vol 1 Test








Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation (08/10/17)

FALSC Update from the Executive Director, August 2017.

Newsletter, LATE JULY/AUGUST 2017. (08/10/17)

ILS Implementation / Status Updates.







Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation (06/26/17)

FALSC Update from the Executive Director, JUNE/JULY 2017.

Newsletter, June-July 2017. (06/26/17)

ILS Implementation / Status Updates.

        Project Timeline Overview. June 23, 2017. 

Be involved in the process






Your upgrade to Ebook Central has arrived  (ProQuest) - 04/19/17

Ebook Central replaces ebrary.

Useful links:

-Ebook Central LibGuide.

-Video tutorials.

-Quick Start Guide: PDF.


Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation (04/18/17)

Newsletter, April-May 2017

        ILS Implementation / Status Updates.

About Sierra/Encore Duet







Issues & Controversies (InfoBase) - March 2017

More than 100 new editorially curated and selected National Public Radio (NPR) articles, audio recordings, and podcasts have been added to Issues & Controversies.
This important new content includes episodes of NPR’s Fresh Air and On Point, presenting compelling interviews and news analysis of key issues. Along with the original recordings, many feature transcripts of the entire broadcast or selected highlights. Users can find the new content under the “Media” tab for selected articles on dozens of topics.


Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation (02/28/17)

Newsletter, March 2017. (02/28/17)

        ILS Implementation / Status Updates / ILS Newsletters.







Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation (01/24/17)

Newsletter, January-February 2017

        ILS Implementation / Status Updates / ILS Newsletters.


SAGE Journals - New platform 12/14/2016

SAGE Journals migrated to Atypon’s Literatum, a new and improved online publishing platform.

New platform benefits include:

  • clear, intuitive site designs based on deep understanding of user needs
  • seamless multi-device experience with responsive design
  • new functionality to enhance the user experience
  • highly discoverable and accessible content

More information.



Artemis Literary Sources (Gale) - Title change and improvements 11/21/2016

Artemis Literary Sources has migrated to Gale Literary Sources and it has been updated in A-Z Databases.

 Gale Literary Sources


As part of this change, Gale has introduced Gale Literary Sources as a new literature cross-search platform. Gale Literary Sources comes with the same features of Artemis Literary Sources, but in a clean and intuitive user-friendly interface.

Also, Gale Literary Sources, Something About the Author Online, Literature Criticism Online, and Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online will experience an updated new mobile-responsive platform. 
Additional information: Gale Literary Sources Tip Sheet.      


Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation (11/18/16)

Newsletter, November/December 2016.

        ILS Implementation / Status Updates / ILS Newsletters.

Status Update







SAGE Journals Platform Migration  11/09/2016

Platform Launch: December 2016 

A new platform is launching in December 2016, with a clean user-centered site design and with a goal of making research easier to discover and navigate from any device.   Key migration highlights include:

SAGE Journals Migration FAQ.  New platform benefits include:

-clear, intuitive site designs based on deep understanding of user needs
-seamless multi-device experience with responsive design
-new functionality to enhance the user experience
-highly discoverable and accessible content


Art Source is now "Art & Architecture Source"  EBSCO  (11/01/2016)

Formerly known as Art Source, Art & Architecture Source is an art research database that covers a broad range of subjects from fine, decorative and commercial art, to various areas of architecture and architectural design. It features full-text articles, indexing and abstracts for an array of journals, books and more.

Art and Architecture Source





Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation (10/14/16)

Newsletter, October 2016 (10/14/16)

        ILS Implementation / Status Updates / ILS Newsletters.

Sierra Status Update







Sierra/Encore Duet Implementation Plan - September 20, 2016

A LibGuide about BC Sierra/Encore Duet project has been created:

It includes Project Overview, FALSC Committee Members, Schedule and Deliverables, Teams, Documentation, Training, Communication, Integration Projects, Encore Duet Customization, Questions, Contacts and Meeting Documentation.

UCL Sierra Encore Duet Implementation Plan






Ambrose Video is now 'Ambrose Digital' - new platform - August 26, 2016



Ambrose Video changed their platform recently: Welcome to Ambrose Digital's New Website.  To access videos on the new platform, click on "Institutional Access” at the top of the screen.

Ambrose Digital screenshot







Wiley Online Library Article update July 26, 2016

Wiley is proud to announce the launch of our new Enhanced HTML Article: Anywhere Article

The Anywhere Article version of our journal articles will become the default online view for all journal articles on Wiley Online Library, over the course of the next few weeks. 

What does this mean for libraries and users?

For some time the Anywhere Article has been available to users, through an ‘enhanced HTML’ button on the article. Going forward, no article links or URLs will change, they will simply begin pointing to the enhanced html version.

Features will be added to the new version of our articles over the coming year, but if any user struggles to find an existing feature, they can continue to access the old version of the article via a ‘go to old article view’ link at the top of each article.

By clicking on the links you can see how an example of the older article view looks compared to the new version.

You can find out more about the Anywhere Article, including an FAQ document on the topic, here. 

(Source: Wiley Online Library email, July 25)


New BC Library site - July 18, 2016


The new starting page for Broward College libraries is live at   


Integrated Library System migration project - July 15, 2016


Sierra / Encore Duet Implementation   Find everything you need to know about the new ILS implementation – status updates, news, milestones, and opportunities to be involved in the largest transition to an integrated academic library catalog/discovery system in Florida’s history.

Status updates. View the latest news and status updates about the implementation process. View a summary, milestones, and key implementation features. 

Participation Follow and participate in the Sierra / Encore Duet implementation process.

Training. Register for in-person, online, and recorded training events provided by FALSC and by Innovative Interfaces.

Documentation. Access product documentation related to the ILS implementation process.



SAGE Journals is moving to Atypon’s Literatum online - July 2016 

Key details:

  • Our estimated ‘go live’ date is planned for the first quarter of 2017.
  • We will provide you with a detailed checklist in advance of the platform migration to inform what will be required of you to ensure a seamless transition.
  • SAGE Journals Migration Information Portal.  Visit this page often to find the latest information about our platform migration.


Films On Demand - New Videos - June 2016 

Account:    Broward College
Number of New Titles: 264

New titles were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

To view a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.


Artstor's LibGuides page - June 2016

Artstor was thrilled to announce its new LibGuides aimed at helping students, faculty, and librarians become experts at using the Artstor Digital Library. View them at Librarians should feel free to reuse them--you have our permission!  (Source: [artstor-discuss] email, June 29, 2016)


Films On Demand - New Videos - May 2016

Account:    Broward College Films On Demand - New Videos - May 2016 
Number of New Titles: 551

New titles were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

 To view a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.


Films On Demand - New Videos - April 2016 

Account:    Broward College
Number of New Titles: 88

New titles were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

To view a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.




NewsBank Special Reports April 2016



April Topics:

U.S. Presidential Campaign - 2016
National Poetry Month
Mental Health - Autism Awareness Month
World Economics - Financial Literacy Month
World Environment - Earth Day
World Terrorism 

Additional featured Reports covering current issues and events:

Natural Disasters
Issues in the News
Education Around the World
World Health

World Politics and Government

All Special Reports are accessed from the left side bar on your online resource menu page, on search screens and the Other NewsBank Products link in full-text newspaper products. 

Please view this video. It shows you how to find Special Reports, what they are and how they can be used.

Database link: Access World News (NewsBank)



NewsBank Hot Topics - March 2016

NewsBank Hot Topics is provided as part of your NewsBank subscription to help librarians, patrons, teachers and students easily uncover research topics on a wealth of information about prominent issues and events. Hot Topics addresses a wide variety of contemporary subjects from around the world related to social studies, science, health, sports, the arts, people and more. These topics are posted on your NewsBank menu page under the Other Products link.
March 2016 Hot Topics list.  Some topics for this month:

Current Events

- CIVICS, GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS: U.S. Presidential Primaries and Caucuses
- CIVICS, GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS: Trial Ceasefire in Syria 
- HEALTH: Zika Virus

Social Studies Research Topics

- BUSINESS: Apple and the FBI 
- CRIME AND LAW: U.S. Supreme Court Nomination

Database link: Access World News (NewsBank)




Films On Demand - New Videos - March 2016

Account:    Broward College
Number of New Titles: 193

New titles were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

To view a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.



Artstor Digital Library - March 2016

Dear Artstor Users,
We are happy to announce new features in the Digital Library that will be released on Wednesday, March 2nd:

- Embedded Metadata: Images in the Digital Library can now be downloaded as a single file with embedded metadata. By embedding the data, we no longer need to require you to download two files in a .zip when you just want an image. If you still require the metadata file, you can now download it separately from the metadata window.

- Audio Files: Audio files in the Digital Library no longer require QuickTime for playback. Users can now select any plugin to play audio files in their browsers.

We will also be delivering additional fixes to known issues, as well as minor enhancements throughout the site. We will be deploying this new version starting Monday, February 29th through Tuesday, March 1st. We do not anticipate any interruptions to your service during this time. The new version of Artstor Digital Library is scheduled to be available to you on Wednesday, March 2nd.  

Database link: Artstor



NewsBank Special Reports - March 2016

March Topics:

U.S. Presidential Campaign - 2016
Women's History Month
World Health - National Nutrition Month
Issues in the News
World Terrorism and Conflict
Film and Television - Nominations and Awards

Additional featured Reports covering current issues and events:

Natural Disasters
Education Around the World
World Economics
World Environment

NewsBank’s Special Reports are news articles, images, videos, maps and other useful content grouped for convenience under specific topics and themes. Easily accessible within NewsBank resources, they enable users to quickly locate information on a specific subject while helping them gain better insight into current global issues and events. Each Report features current and retrospective coverage, and new articles are added daily. Special Reports constitute a unique value to your users, and are included with your NewsBank subscription. There are over 60 Reports to be sure the information you need is always available.

All Special Reports are accessed from the left side bar on your online resource menu page, on search screens and the Other NewsBank Products link in full-text newspaper products. 

Please view this video. It shows you how to find Special Reports, what they are and how they can be used.  

Database link: Access World News (NewsBank)



Films On Demand - New Videos - February 2016

Account:  Broward College 
Number of New Titles: 112

New titles were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

To view a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.



Films On Demand - New platform - November 2015

The Films On Demand will be re-launching this January 2016 with a new and improved platform to provide users with the speed and performance that today's online experience demands.

View the complete list of the enhancements you'll find when the new and improved Films On Demand launches in January.


Backup Links  -  October 2, 2015

In case Springshare (LibGuides) is ever down, we put some backup links at the bottom of the FAQ page to get to a few essential places.









Films On Demand - New Videos -  September 2015 

Account: Broward College
Number of New Titles: 212

We are pleased to announce that new titles were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

View a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.




Films On Demand - New Videos - August 2015 

Account: Broward College
Number of New Titles: 141

We are pleased to announce the new titles that were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

View a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.











Access World News articles from EBSCOhost searches  -  August 5, 2015

A new feature in our EBSCOhost platform lets you retrieve Access World News articles. First step is to choose to include the NewsBank database:














Then, do a search and let it retrieve news articles: 





Click to access NewsBank search results:

NewsBank Database










See NewsBank search result list on EBSCOhost:


Ebsco host Database













“Retrieve Item” links take you to the article on the NewsBank platform.

Tutorial: EBSCO-Using Integrated Search 



Films On Demand - New Videos - July 2015 

New Titles Notification

Account: Broward College
Number of New Titles: 153

We are pleased to announce the new titles that were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

 View a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.

Film on Demand July Edition











Wiley Online Library adds CAPTCHA to prevent systematic article downloads - July 2015

Wiley has introduced a new security feature for access to articles through Wiley Online Library. This is in order to prevent systematic downloads of content and also to thwart hackers from creating other security risks for both library and vendor. 

Wiley's new practice will require a user downloading more than twenty-five articles in an active user session, (a session of activity that a user from within your IP range spends on Wiley Online Library) to complete a CAPTCHA challenge, like this one: 







Once the user enters the CAPTCHA information, the download request completes and the user is cleared to continue downloading in increments of twenty-five, up to one hundred in a twenty-four hour period. 


Wiley understands and is committed to providing easily accessible information for your patrons. We also realize that this may seem like a hindrance for ease of access to our content. Nevertheless, this has become an essential security measure that we must take to protect both parties.

Again, the only patrons affected will be those who try to access more than twenty five articles per session. Upon successful completion of the CAPTCHA test, they will be granted all the access to the content they wish. 

(Wiley Online Library Customer Support, 7/10/2015)


Films On Demand - New Videos - May 2015  

New Titles Notification

Account: Broward College
Number of New Titles: 459

We are pleased to announce the new titles that were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

 View a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.

Film on Demand May Edition 







Artstor Digital Library - Updates  -  June 2015

New features include:

  • Teaching Resources – Featured Groups are now called Teaching Resources and include enhancements to the AP Art History and History Resources, and Curriculum Guides, subject-specific image groups created by scholars and educators from across the country. You can access Teaching Resources from the Digital Library homepage or under Global Folders when opening an image group.
  • Shared Shelf Commons Collections - Images that have been published on Shared Shelf Commons, a free, open-access library of digital media, are now available in the Digital Library. These images are identified with an"S" icon below the thumbnail image.
  • Share Images in a Full Screen Viewer - Users can now share images and image groups in full screen. This feature does not require pop-up blockers to be disabled.
  • Internet Explorer 11 - Artstor now supports Internet Explorer 11.



Transparent Language Online is changing May 6th!  -  May 2015


The update will take place on May 6, 2015. At 7am ET, the system will be down for about 3 hours to upgrade.

You might recall from our email a few weeks ago that we are launching a brand new version of Transparent Language Online. This update brings an exciting new learning experience. Completely redone in HTML5, this new version is significantly faster and is now fully compatible with iPads and Android™ tablets.  You can preview the major updated features here.  



Films On Demand - New Videos - April  2015 

New Titles Notification

Account: Broward College
Number of New Titles: 351

We are pleased to announce the new titles that were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

View a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.

Film on Demand April Edition







Artstor has a new website  -  April 2015

Our link to Artstor is pointing out to the Search page on ‘Databases by Title’ and ‘Databases by Subject’.  

If you want to go to the Artstor new Home page from the Search page, click on “About” at the bottom of the page.

Artstor databases

















Films On Demand - New Videos - March 2015  

New Titles Notification

Account: Broward College
Number of New Titles: 288

We are pleased to announce the new titles that were added to your On Demand subscription over the past month.

 View a full list of the new titles just added to your collection.




Alexander Street Press  -  March 2015

Important information about your Music Online reference collections. 

Your Music Online reference collections are moving to our new interface.

Dear BC, 

We are excited to announce the move of our Music Online reference collections to our powerful new interface at, effective April 9, 2015.
You are receiving this email because your institution subscribes to one or more of the affected music reference resources: African American Music Reference, Classical Music Reference Library, or The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music.

Following their migration, these reference collections will be available with improved functionality and the latest content updates and the current sites will be decommissioned. If you’ve placed links in LibGuides or other resources, or if your faculty members have embedded links in an LMS or syllabus, they will automatically redirect to the new interface. No action is required on your part.

How can you learn more?

  1. Read our FAQ—this explains all the details about URLs, MARC records (no, you don’t need to reload them!), and more.
  2. If this is your first time using our new interface, please contact your account manager to schedule a training session or visit our new resource center for other helpful tools and information.
  3. On April 9, watch for an email from us letting you know that the new interface is ready to use.



Transparent Language Online  -  March 2015

Transparent Language has been working on a completely redesigned version of Transparent Language Online, entirely redone in HTML5 and fully compatible with iPads and Android™ tablets.  The new version will available by the end of April 2015.

New changes and additions to your Transparent Language Online account.  Some of these changes include: 

- New user interface
- Improved speed
- Tablet optimization

Transparent Language Online, radically better language learning in one complete experience.

Simply log in to get started!

Transparent Language Online includes lessons and familiar learning activities to build your memory of useful words and phrases.

Featuring a variety of courses and supplemental learning material, Transparent Language Online is filled with dozens of learning activities designed to engage your brain for rapid learning and maximum retention.

Of course language is more than just vocabulary and grammar; Transparent Language Online delivers culture and social connections to provide a full learning experience.

Language blogs include interesting articles and videos, packed with not only additional language learning, but fun culture lessons as well.

Social Communities such as Facebook & Twitter allow you to see language used in real time and in real context to get the feel of real communications about real life.

Transparent Language Online also includes access to the Transparent Language app for iPhone and Android devices, allowing for great language learning on the go.



U.S. Government Online (Facts On File)  -  February 2015 

U.S. Government Online merged with American History Online to become a core-curriculum U.S. history reference coverage. The link to U.S. Government Online will remain on Databases by Title for one more term.

American History Online will be added to Databases A-Z and Databases by Title.  American History Online contains the complete content of the American Women's History Online  and U.S. Governmnet Online databases.  It offers a virtual library of American history providing biographies, primary sources, videos and slideshows, images, timelines, maps, and graphs.



American History Online



Wiley Online Library  -  February 2015

As part of our 2015 new resources, Broward College got a Wiley E-Journal Package subscription, listed as Wiley Online Library. In response to our question to remove some Filter Options on the Wiley interface, other than journals, we received the following Wiley customer support:

Please be informed that we cannot remove the Search option on the Filter List. However, please note that there are several search methods available to you:

Searching for a Specific Journal


From the Wiley Online Library homepage, you can search for a journal title with the basic search feature or browse by subject area. Basic search allows you to select the publication titles and enter the journal title in the box provided.  You can also use the advanced search filters, which appear as a link within the search box, alternatively use the 'Publications A-Z' box to locate your journal.  
Content on the Wiley Online Library is organised into broad subject areas which you can view by clicking on 'Browse by Subject'. Each main category has a number of specialized sub-categories below it with different publications listed under relevant areas.


Searching for a Specific Article

Once you have located the relevant journal homepage, there are search options available on the right hand menu bar.  Use the drop down menu to refine your search within the journal title.  Alternatively, you are able to search by citation by entering the volume, issue and page number.
We have online demonstrations at on how to search the Wiley Online Library. I hope you find the information useful.
Thank you for using Wiley Online Library.



Salem Press On-Line Access January 2015

Salem Press up-graded to a new platform in December 2014.  The Salem Press On-Line platforms that Broward College used to access the Salem Press titles has been up-graded to a new, more functional, integrated platform.   You will enjoy the same free access to your Salem Press titles. The major change is that, instead of accessing the different sites for each curriculum group -- literature, history, science, health, and careers --  you will access all of your Salem titles from one easy-to-use portal.




Transparent Language - December 2014

Transparent Language will be releasing an updated version of Transparent Language Online in January.  The new platform will be faster, more intuitive and will provide more mobile functionality.  For a preview go to: 
More information will be provided as we get closer to the release date.