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EDF 3610 - Prof. Donna Herzek

A study of the multicultural dimensions of American society and their impact on the educational process. International dimensions of curriculum are examined.

Your Assignment

Assignment Description

Focus on specific groups:
Challenges (or a specific challenge) facing a group of people, an analysis of the challenge, and what educators can do about it.
**You will not be allowed to present unless you have an approved topic and outline.

Previous sample topics

  • The School-to-Prison pipeline and its impact on Children of color generally, African Americans specifically, as institutional racism that parallels Jim Crow practices.
  • Gay marriage examined from the historic perspectives of Anti Miscegenation and the role of religion.
  • The de-professionalization of teachers as an example of institutional sexism (inflicted throughout history against teachers) This student used Apple’s notion of the proletarianization of teachers, ending in the discussion of sexism and classism.
  • A critique of Ruby Payne as a continuation of the historic discrimination against/stereotyping of the poor from colonial times (drew on Koppelman quite a bit here).
  • How has NCLB impacted on the academic achievement of Latino students?
  • A critique of Black History Month practices and a recommendation for how it should be re-conceptualized (The student paralleled a presentation by Dr. Rachayita Shah who discussed the Holocaust Education program we offer teachers.) Recommend that you consider inviting Rachayita or Rose to do this!
  • Safe school climate issues for LGBT students and the school’s historic responsibility (and the dereliction of that responsibility).

Suggested Ethnic Group Topics

  • Italian Americans
  • Chinese Americans
  • Cuban Americans
  • Haitian Americans
  • Arab Americans
  • Mexican Americans
  • African Americans
  • Irish Americans
  • Japanese Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Jewish Americans
  • West Indian Americans
  • Polish Americans
  • Filipino Americans
  • Seminole Indians
  • Pacific Islanders

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

An annotated bibliography is an organized list sources centered on a topic or issue. It can include variety of formats such as books, journal articles, audiovisual media, or websites. Each source should include the full citation in APA style with an accompanying paragraph that describes and evaluates the content. The sources should be organized alphabetically by the author's last name, unless other instructions are specified by your instructor.
Below is a sample annotated bibliography formatted in APA style.