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In-Text Citations

  • Use in-text citations for direct quotes & paraphrasing.
  • All in-text citations must have a Works Cited entry.
  • (Jones 47) is an example of a parenthetical citation and comes at the end of a sentence, before the period.
  • Jones writes, "Goats are playful animals" (47). is an example of citing the author's name in the attribute section of the sentence.
  • In her 2004 work Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, Lynne Truss explains, ". . . " is an example of introducing a source the first time you cite it in the paper.
  • Citations with less than 4 authors, spell out all authors names in the citation (Stuart, Jones, and Smith 101).
  • Citations with 4 or more authors, spell out the first authors name followed by et al. and the page number (Henry et al. 98).
  • If the source does not have page numbers, leave them out of the citation (Elliot).
  • If the source has numbered sections or paragraphs, use:
    • (Elliot, par. 4) or
    • (Elliot, pars. 7-9)
    • (Elliot, sec. 5) or
    • (Elliot, secs. 6-8)

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In-Text Citations

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