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Activism 101: INTRODUCTION



Why is this guide relevant to you and the Broward College Community?

So many of us would not call ourselves activists. There are many assumptions about what activism looks like. Not all of us can risk getting arrested, attending protests, or the like. But that doesn't mean we are not activists. Writing letters to political leaders, organizing a sit-in, boycotting certain products and businesses are all forms of activism. Even if what we do is small, micro-activism is super important because it can and does lead to macro-activism. Social movements take time to grow and gain strength so every little step counts.

It can be overwhelming thinking about where to start. Here is where this guide can assist you. This guide provides foundational readings on activism and social justice, ways to understand the system at play, organizations you can join in Broward County (and other nearby areas) and organizations and movements on a national level. However you want to start, this guide can make the steps you take a little bit easier.

Remember, there are no perfect activists. Activism can and does take an emotional toll on our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and because of this, there is a section of self-care. Burn-out is very real. 

However you approach this guide, I hope you not only find it useful but inspiring.

Love and Resistance,



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Dawn Stahura (Broward College)



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