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ECO 2013 Information Literacy Course Guide: Module 3: Use Information

Greg Lindeblom -- South Campus

About This Guide

Welcome to the Information Literacy Competency Course Guide for ECO 2013 Macroeconomics

There are 4 module activities to complete by the due dates indicated in the syllabus.

  1. Watch This! and Do This!- complete these activities in each module.
  2. Research Resources and/or the Additional Resources- helps you complete your activities
  3. Poll This!- complete this brief poll in each module during class when instructed
  4. Need help? Ask us! The box to the right below the poll has the contact information for all of the Faculty Librarians on South Campus, as well as a link (blue button) to make a research appointment.

You will receive feedback from the faculty librarian throughout the semester that will help you hone your research, citation, and critical thinking skills.

Watch This!

Use Information Playlist

*Note: Please view in YouTube or use full screen option.

Do This!

Information Literacy Framework Resources

At Broward College, Information Literacy is one of the General Education learning outcomes. The Association of College & Research Libraries defines information literacy as

the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning. 

For more information, visit the  Framework for Information Literacy page on the Association of College & Research Libraries website. 
As faculty, Broward College librarians teach information literacy through library instruction sessions.  


Poll -- Using Sources

Which is one of the best ways to incorporate sources into your papers/projects?
Directly quoting only: 1 votes (1.39%)
Copying and pasting: 3 votes (4.17%)
A combination of directly quoting and paraphrasing: 65 votes (90.28%)
Paraphrasing only: 3 votes (4.17%)
Total Votes: 72

Need help? Ask us!

Faculty Librarians

 Email Us

Chris Casper
Faculty Librarian

Email Us

Lori Albrizio
Faculty Librarian

If you're having trouble with research and citation a faculty librarian can help you.