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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots in Higher Ed

What is AI?

"Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a broad branch of computer science focused on creating systems capable of simulating the human capacity for learning and dynamic, real-time problem-solving based on firsthand observations, inferences, and interactions with their surroundings. Most functional AI in use as of the early 2020s is built on massive, human-generated data sets and algorithms, which are complex sets of instructions and calculations computer systems use to carry out procedures or complete tasks.

Despite the exciting promise of AI, many policymakers, industry stakeholders, ethics experts, and activist groups have advised caution regarding its continued development and expansion. Some experts worry that AI could displace millions of workers, resulting in massive job losses and increased economic inequality. Others cite its potential to create new forms of discrimination. Uncertainty surrounding the potential dangers of AI have prompted calls for legal frameworks and ethics codes for the industry. Lawmakers, researchers, and industry leaders in the United States also believe the country should increase investment in AI development to ensure it can continue to compete globally, especially against key technology rivals such as China" (Artificial Intelligence," 2023). 

(Full article on Opposing Viewpoints)


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