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Criminal Justice

A guide to criminal justice resources available to Broward College students.

Textbooks in the UC Library

CCJ 1020: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice, 12 ed.

CCJ 2191: Human Behavior in Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminology

CCJ 2191: Human Behavior in Criminal Justice

Criminology Today

CJC 2000: Introduction to Corrections

Pearson Criminal Justice: Corrections

CJE 1300: Criminal Justice Adminstration & Management

Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement

CJE 2170: Comparative World Police

World Criminal Justice Systems

CJE 2400: Police-Community Relations

Police-Community Relations and the Administration of Justice

CJE2600: Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation

CJE 2640: Introduction to Criminalistics

Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation

CJE 2643: Advanced Forensic Investigation

Forensic Pathology

CJE 2770: Forensic Photography

Intro to Crime Scene Photography, 2nd edition

CJJ 2001: Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice System

CJL 1062: Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice

CJL 1100: Criminal Law

Criminal Law

DSC1002: Terrorism and Domestic Security

Understanding Terrorism

DSC 1002: Terrorism and Domestic Security

Pearson Criminal Justice: Terrorism

DSC 2590: Intelligence Analysis & Security

Intelligence: the Secret World of Spies

Feature films available for streaming (Login Required)

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Frequently Used Criminal Justice Databases