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Faculty Resources at the University/College Library: Trials for New Resources

A guide designed to assist instructors in navigating the library resources and services available at the University/College Library


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Current Trials

Local trials are posted here. Trials available through FLVC are available at LINCCWeb
e-resources page:


SAGE Research Methods - 05/01/2017

SAGE Research Methods supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process. Nearly everyone at a university is involved in research, from students learning how to conduct research to faculty conducting research for publication to librarians delivering research skills training and doing research on the efficacy of library services. SAGE Research Methods has the answer for each of these user groups, from a quick dictionary definition, a case study example from a researcher in the field, a downloadable teaching dataset, a full-text title from the Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series, or a video tutorial showing research in action.

Use SAGE Research Methods to:

-Look for information on how to design and conduct a research project.
-Learn new research methods.
-Read case studies from researchers focused on how they chose and applied their research methods, plus the obstacles and challenges they faced.
-Find downloadable datasets to practice statistical and analytical methods hands-on.
-Bring methods to life through the largest streaming video collection dedicated to methods on the market.

More information  This page includes a set of videos about the features and functionality of the SAGE Research Methods platform.


User guide for librarians.

This trial has been set up for librarians, faculty, and staff.      

Expires: June 1, 2017.



ProQuest Research Companion  - 05/02/2017 

ProQuest Research Companion is ProQuest’s flagship information literacy product. It was built to help students do more effective scholarly research and to support educators as they teach the core information literacy principles of finding, evaluating, and using information.

More than 80 short videos are organized into nine Learning Modules that answer questions like "How do I choose a topic?" "Where do I find information?" and "How do I evaluate sources?" Different kinds of "pre" and "post" assessment questions make the viewing experience more interactive, while allowing educators to measure students’ learning and identify gaps in their understanding.

For more information, click here.

This trial has been set up for librarians, faculty, and staff.        

Expires:  May 28, 2017.



Expired Trials

08/10/2011 - Nursing Education in Video (Alexander Street Press)
10/10/2011 - Gleeditions Literature Unbound (Gleeditions)
4/28/2012 - Science Online (Infobase)
4/30/2012 - Credo Reference
4/30/2012 - Underground Comics, VAST, Carib Lit, ASP Literature Package (Alexander Street Press)
5/25/2012 - R2 Digital Library
10/24/2012 - Opera in Video; Classical Music in Video (ASP)
11/3/2012 - Education Source (EBSCO)
12/31/2012 - VAST: Academic Video Online (ASP)
2/20/2013 - Transparent Language Online, Library Edition (Recorded Books)
2/28/2013 - Psychiatry Online (American Psychiatric Association)
4/26/2013 - Virtual Career Library
12/31/2013 - SpringerImages (Springer)
3/3/2014 - Women and Social Movements in the U.S. (Alexander Street Press)
4/11/2014 - Statistical Abstracts (ProQuest)
4/25/2014 - US Political Stats, CQ Voting and Elections Collection, CQ Congress Collection (CQ Press)
5/27/2014 - Air & Space and Smithsonian Magazine Archive (Gale)
6/20/2014 - ProQuest Research Companion and eLibrary (PQ)
8/13/2014 - Rosetta Stone (EBSCO)
8/31/2014 - E-Journal Collection (Cambridge University Press)
8/31/2014 - Oxford eJournals
9/30/2014 - JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)
10/16/2014 - Value Line Research Online
10/31/2014 - Statista
11/14/2014 - Films on Demand - Career & Technical Education Collection - preview
12/06/2014 - African American Experience: The American Mosaic (ABC-CLIO)
12/06/2014 - Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society (ABC-CLIO)
12/06/2014 - World Folklore and Folklife (Greenwood through ABC-CLIO)
12/31/2014 - EasyBib School Edition (ImagineEasy Solutions)
02/08/2015 - Ethnographic Video Online: Volume III, Indigenous Voices (Alexander Street Press)
02/19/2015 - Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (ProQuest)
02/19/2015 - Statistical Abstracts of the World (ProQuest)
02/28/2015 - Kanopy Streaming Video 02/28/2015 - SAGE - Local Stats
02/28/2015 - SAGE - State Stats
02/28/2015 - Swank Digital Campus - Swank Motion Pictures
04/23/2015 - HIMSS eBooks Collection (HIMSS-Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society)
05/21/2015 - Statista
05/28/2015 - Ferguson's Career Guidance Center (Infobase)
06/28/2015 - R2 Digital Library (Rittenhouse Book Distributors)
09/01/2015 - Mergent Intellect (Hoover's, Inc.)
09/23/2015 - Imagine Easy Scholar (ImagineEasy Solutions)
10/15/2015 - Cambridge Companions Online (Cambridge University Press)
10/18/2015 - Pop Culture Universe: Icons Idols Ideas (Academic) - ABC-CLIO
10/18/2015 - Latino American Experience: The American Mosaic (Academic) - ABC-CLIO
10/23/2015 - Black Studies in Video (Alexander Street Press)
01/22/2016 - Swank Digital Campus - (Swank Motion Pictures) - Status: Approved.
02/20/2016 - Resources for College Libraries (RCL) (ProQuest) - Status: Approved.
02/26/2016 - Visible Body - Anatomy & Function (Wolters-Kluver) - Status: Not Approved.
02/26/2016 - Visible Body - Anatomy & Physiology (Wolters-Kluver) - Status: Not Approved.
02/26/2016 - Visible Body - Human Anatomy Atlas (Wolters-Kluver) - Status: Not Approved.
02/26/2016 - Visible Body - Muscle Premium (Wolters-Kluver) - Status: Not Approved.
02/26/2016 - Visible Body - Skeleton Premium (Wolters-Kluver) - Status: Not Approved.
06/26/2016 - Smithsonian Collections Online: Air & Space and Smithsonian Magazine Archive (Gale) - Status: Not Approved.

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