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About Suicide

Man holding up poster of daughter

Each year, about thirty thousand people in the United States commit suicide. A much greater number attempt it—estimates range from 120,000 to 750,000 a year. People kill, or attempt to kill, themselves in a number of different ways, from overdosing on drugs to shooting or hanging themselves. Their reasons are varied and complex. Biological, psychological, and social forces can all play a role. As one of the leading causes of death worldwide, suicide is considered an important public health problem. (Opposing Viewpoints)

Narrow the Topic

  • Is suicide an individual right?
  • How can suicide be prevented?
  • What are the causes of teen suicide?
  • Should physicians assist terminally ill patients in suicide?
  • Discuss suicide of a particular group: women, gay youth, African Americans, etc.
  • Discuss the link between depression and suicide.
  • Is there a link between antidepressants or other prescription drugs and suicide?
  • Are schools, colleges, or universities doing enough to prevent suicide?
  • How can the military battle the epidemic of suicide?
  • Have economic conditions affected the suicide rate?
  • What can be done to combat suicide bombings?
  • Discuss the link between bullying and suicide?
  • How can "suicide by cop" or "suicide by train" be combated?