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Public Service Resources

Career opportunities and leadership potential in Public Service positions

What is Public Service?

Do you have compassion and empathy for others? The desire to alleviate suffering and empower individuals, groups, and communities to make the most of their own talents and resources is a valuable characteristic for people who work at jobs in this cluster.  A primary goal of virtually all careers in public service is to help improve the quality of life and livelihood for the citizens represented, while supporting the betterment of the overall community.     

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Social services workers often find job satisfaction from supporting clients and communities to develop resiliency.
  • Many social work and counseling fields are growing faster than average, in specialties including school and career counseling, substance abuse, and rehabilitation.
  • Personal care aide is one of the fastest growing of all occupations, with a very high number of job openings. 

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Ever since recorded history began, the government official has been a derided figure. Yet, without committed public servants, states and markets would not function; freedoms would not be upheld; and the poor, vulnerable, and oppressed would suffer more.

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