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Death Penalty

About Death Penalty

Crowd protesting against death penaltyCapital punishment, also referred to as the death penalty, has long been a feature of human society and has been used in the United States since the colonial era. Crimes punishable by death are called capital offenses. Under US constitutional law, states have the right to apply their own criminal statutes including capital punishment. The death penalty remains a controversial political and legal issue in the United States. Supporters of capital punishment argue that it deters crime and provides ultimate justice for crime victims, particularly murder victims. Opponents counter that it is an immoral and costly practice that is particularly vulnerable to racial bias. It also carries the risk of carrying out a wrongful execution. As of March 2021, the... (Opposing Viewpoints)

Narrow the Topic

  • Is the death penalty an effective crime deterrent?
  • How does legislation help to prevent racial bias in death penalty convictions?
  • Is the death penalty fair?
  • Should the mentally disabled be sentenced to the death penalty?
  • Should juvenile killers be executed?
  • Which is the most humane method (lethal injection, electric chair, etc)?
  • When should the death penalty be implemented?
  • Is the death penalty cost effective?
  • Should appeals be allowed in death penalty cases?
  • Should the United States have the right to execute foreigners?
  • Does the death penalty violate the Constitution of the United States?