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Student Loans

About Student Loans

Student loan justice signEducation loans are available from banks, credit card companies, and other private sources. Federal loans offer advantages, however, such as lower interest rates that are fixed for the term of the loan, deferment options for students who return to school, flexible repayment plans based on borrowers’ income, and loan forgiveness for graduates who perform certain types of public service or are employed in certain occupations. Unlike other forms of debt, student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, except in rare cases of undue hardship. (Opposing Viewpoints)


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  • Is a student loan crisis on the horizon?
  • Should student loan debt be forgiven?
  • What is Pay As You Earn program?
  • Is the student loans system fair?
  • Should the federal government offer free tuition?
  • Will many low-income students be left out?
  • What are my responsibilities as a student loan borrower?
  • What causes a student to default on a student loan?
  • When do students pay back their loans?
  • What repayment options are available?