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Date Rape

About Date Rape

Picture of a drink on date rape drug detection coaster

Rape is a sexual assault in which a person uses his penis or other object to commit vaginal, oral, or anal penetration of a victim, by force or threat of force, against the victim's will, or when the victim is physically and/or mentally unable to give consent.
Date rape is simply a rape that happens between two parties who are dating.
Acquaintance rape is a rape that happens when the victim and perpetrator are acquainted. The majority of rapes are actually acquaintance rapes, because in almost every case, the rapist gets to know the victim at least enough for her to drop her guard. Once she lets him into her confidence and begins to trust him, he strikes. (Opposing Viewpoints)

Narrow the Topic

  • Should colleges develop a sexual consent policy?
  • Do rape shield laws violate a defendant’s rights?
  • Do acquaintance rapes account for the majority of unreported rapes?
  • Is date rape a form of sexual violence?
  • Do alcohol and/or club drugs contribute to date rape?
  • Is there a rise in date rape cases in the gay/lesbian community?
  • Do women claim rape in situations where it is not justified?
  • Does the legal system discount the seriousness of date rape?
  • Is acquaintance rape by athletes a widespread problem?
  • Is it more difficult to prove date rape than stranger rape?
  • Do traditional female (passive)/male (aggressive) roles contribute to date rape?