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HSC 2100 - Personal & Community Health

Global Health Assignment

Global Health Project Presentation- 60 points 

You will have different areas of global health to choose from. Decide on a topic within these areas that is a current global issue that we are facing. Explain the background/history, global incidence & prevalence, symptoms prevention/treatment, strategy for control.

Global Areas to look for a topic:
  • Neglected Parasitic infections (Soil-transmitted helminth infections in children, Chagas Disease, Cysticercosis, Toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis)
  • Occupational & Health Hazards (chemical safety, environmental cancers, water & sanitation, outdoor air pollution, stress & workplace)
  • Infectious Diseases (Ebola, Cholera, COVID-19, Wild Polio Virus, Enterovirus, drug-resistant Tuberculosis, MERS, SARS, Zika)
  • Non-communicable diseases (Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease)

Recommended Databases